Georgia Football: Return Of Gurley

Last week, we looked at Todd Gurley as the most dominant force in sports entertainment NCAA football today. Now, staring down a showdown with the Ol Ball Coach, I can’t help but think back to week 1, and look forward to week 2. Once again, Paul Heyman is here to help us usher in the force of nature that is Todd Gurley.

Please don’t confuse my client with some stereotypical villain that comes out here and says, “STEVE, you can escape this beating by giving up your title and laying it down at my feet.” TODD GURLEY makes you no such offer. STEVE SPURRIER, you can’t escape this beating.

On Saturday, my client TODD GURLEY will take STEVE SPURRIER down. TODD GURLEY will punch STEVE SPURRIER’S face in. STEVE SPURRIER, you’re going to be hurt by TODD GURLEYTODD GURLEY going to injure STEVE SPURRIER. TODD GURLEY is going to mangle STEVE SPURRIER. And then, and only then, TODD GURLEY is going to TOSS SWEEP STEVE SPURRIER and strip STEVE SPURRIER of the dignity of being AN SEC EAST CONTENDER, the same way TODD GURLEY stripped CLEMSON of their dignity and exposed them as just being a myth — the same kind of myth that TODD GURLEY hears every week on television when STEVE SPURRIER is referred to as being the greatest SEC EAST COACH of all time. Eight SEC titles in 24 years: Now that sounds like something worth conquering.

Paul did a real good job of selling me on Todd here, and I can’t wait for him to destroy the Gamecocks on Saturday. And that’s not a prediction.

That’s a spoiler.

Go Dawgs.

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