Junkyard Mail: Do the Dawgs really deserve their early Top 10 ranking?

If we are talking resume talk, of course the Dawgs are deserving.

IF Georgia beats South Carolina this week, things in the polls will really get interesting. Who would have had a better start to the season?

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  1. I tend to agree that preseason rankings are BS. For instance, why would Bama be #2 when they didn’t win their division, conference, or even play for the NC last year plus lost key defensive players and multi-national championship winning QB (other than media homer-ism). I hate Auburn and think they are overrated, but based on last season and returning players, I would rank them ahead of Bama (even though it won’t last long). I would even rank Oklahoma (after what they did to Bama plus returning key starters) and Oregon (returning Mariota and key defensive players) ahead of Bama. Again, will they end that way? Why knows?

    I think based on performance thus far, UGA looks as good as or better than most other teams in college football. I agree it is too early to know, but they deserve it as much as any other team. WIll they stay there? Who knows, but if you are basing things on games played thus far (which is the best anyone can do), they deserve it. Plus, there is no more dominant player and game changer than Gurley, so it is hard to not consider UGA a factor as long as he is healthy.

    I also agree that the defense had 1 pretty good game, but are far from being established. We have all seen that before. I do see things in our defense that give me hope that they will be improved this season, but it is a LONG season! I do disagree that balanced offenses are the key to NC. Look at Bama and LSU. Yes, they have made plays when necessary through the air, but they are not “balanced” at all! They are way run heavy, just like we were against Clemson. I personally think that is the key to success because you see what happened to Clemson, they are broken down by the 4th quarter which is why bama and lsu always pull it out in the 4th. You can’t play to win the game on every single down..you have to play to win when the clock hits 0:00. Playing agianst a tired defense in the 4th gives you a decided advantage whether you need to pass or run. I don’t think we have to have so much balance. We need to help the defense by sustaining drives and eating up clock. Our success will largely depend on Mason making a few key throws throughout the season, but not throwing as much as Murray. The dawgs are right where they need to be at this point. They may not quite be good enough to play Auburn or Bama/LSU/A&M in the SECCG or anyone in the playoffs, but there is time to get that experience. They just can’t afford to lose the games that they shouldn’t lose (like typical UGA).

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