Week 2 SEC Picks from the Staff

Last week, there was a typo on the predictions as Johnny’s Texas A&M pick was mistakenly recorded as a pick for South Carolina.  Also, nobody correctly picked the no-contest result for the Florida/Idaho game.  Accordingly the current scores are as follows:

  • Andrew: 9
  • Daniel: 9
  • Johnny: 9
  • Ashley: 8
  • Chad: 8
  • Alex: 7
  • Jason: 7


Here’s what we got for this week (with input from Jason still pending):


Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.


* Alex, who is a student at Alabama, remains committed to picking against Auburn.  If he continues this method of predicting madness, I have a feeling he will be right at least once this season, and when he does it will tooootttttaaallllllllllllly be worth it.




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