Insane SEC Fans We All Know & Love, Mark Richt Turns into Evil Mark Richt, And More

Irrational is the only way to be

“You have to care about someone before you hate them”. I got that answer when I was talking to a 75 year old Alabama fan when I asked how much he hated Auburn. The SEC is full of passionate fan bases that would do anything to see their team go on to victory. I know that I personally made my game day date kiss me after every score, because I had myself convinced that if she did not then we would stop scoring. It is the little things. Here is the full list of crazy SEC fans.


Mark Richt has lost control of Deadspin. Deadspin reported that Mark Richt wrote a letter talking trash to a Clemson fan after the game. I find it to be hilarious that someone would even think this is true, because we all know Marky Mark would never boast no matter how big the win. Coach Richt came out on twitter and called the article “bogus”. I like his word selection there, and look forward to him using that in upcoming press conferences. Full article can be found here.

Anchor Down Vandy 

Alabama comes in at number one with 46 player on NFL rosters for the 2014 season. But what I find more impressive is that that Vandy has 12 players on NFL rosters. That is much more than I could have ever thought for Vandy. I will say that the most talent on NFL rosters who make a big contribution is definitely UGA with players like AJ Green, Geno Atkins, and Matt Stafford. Find out the full list here.



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