Georgia Football: Texas A&M Left Georgia Some Spoilers on How to Beat South Carolina

I wrote at length about this (and I mean length as somehow a 500-word blurp become a 1200-word brain dump) at Bleacher Report, but as I see it, here’s what Georgia can learn from A&M’s big win over South Carolina last week:

  1. South Carolina can be beaten at home.  Even by a team that is still developing, like Texas A&M—or in this case, like Georgia.
  2. Georgia is better off if Mike Davis injured.  That’s mean but also true.
  3. South Carolina does not have an offense capable of orchestrating a comeback, so an early/sizable deficit could go a long way.
  4. South Carolina defenders do not play well in space against athletic receivers.
  5. South Carolina also is not dominant against the run.
  6. “Sandstorm,” as the dubbed-over video below proves, can be conquered.

That’s all I got/



The Georgia/South Carolina game is so important that we’re dedicating an entire series of previews to it.  Check that series out here.





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  1. SWEEP Carolina !

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