Georgia Football Recruiting: BIG Player Profile – Trenton Thompson

Photo courtesy of Scout

Photo courtesy of Scout

Trenton Thompson (DT) – ☆☆☆☆☆

Rivals#7 Overall; #1 DT; #1 in GA

247 Sports#7 Overall; #2 DT; #1 in GA

ESPN#6 Overall; #1 DT; #1 in GA

Importance To This Class: #2

What Stands Out?

Trent is the consensus number one player in the state of Georgia for the class of 2015 and one of the best defensive tackles to come out of high school in the last 5 years. He is without a doubt the highest rated player to commit to Georgia during the Mark Richt era, and is a large part of why this 2015 UGA class is ranked #3. Trenton’s film is one of the sickest defensive lineman tapes I’ve ever seen. He sheds blockers with the greatest of ease and has surprisingly good speed for someone his size (6-4, 311 lbs.). He takes up a ton of space which allows for his linebackers to roam more freely, and when he get’s to the QB, it’s all over.

How Will He Fit In?

Perhaps the biggest key to a 3-4 defense (which Georgia runs at times still), is having a big talented nose tackle that can take up space. As I stated earlier, this requires the offense to key in on him and send more blockers his way, allowing the linebackers to roam around more freely and make plays. Having a big DT like Trent also essentially shuts down runs up the middle. This big, dominating defensive tackle is something the Bulldogs have not really had since switching to the 3-4 in 2010. A few years ago we had John Jenkins, but he wasn’t much more than a big body. Trenton brings much more to the table and could make this defense very scary. With the incredible linebackers and pass-rushers that Georgia keeps bringing in, this front seven could wind up being the best in the country.

I have no doubt that Trenton will be able to come in and start right as a freshman. There’s no one on this Georgia team right now that can really compete with him at that spot.

Another big impact Thompson is/will have is the bringing in of other elite defensive players that will want to play with him. Other recruits have already stated that it would be a ton of fun to play with Trent because he would draw so much attention from the offense that it’d be easier for them to go out and make plays. I think Trent is playing a big role in the decisions of at least three top UGA targets.

I really cannot stress enough the importance of Trenton Thompson to this Georgia recruiting class. He is without a doubt one of the most important players that UGA has ever gotten, and it was really hard for me to rank him as the #2 most important player in this 2015 UGA class. Godwin and him are really more 1A and 1B.



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  1. This kid truly is talented. His first step is so quick it looks like they aren’t even trying to block him on 75% of the plays on his film. He beats his man before the OL can even get a hand on him but when they do, he has no problem shedding the block and finishing. The only real negative I saw on that short tape was that he would sometimes stand straight up out of his stance which he can get away with in high school but won’t cut it at the next level. If he learns to play low all of the time and keeps improving his hands, then with his quickness and strength, he’ll be a dominant force in the middle of our defense.

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