“A Bad Person, Bad Man” -Former QB’s Mom Unloads On Houston Nutt


Best Interest? 

I imagine Mom and Dads get told lies from coaches each and every day. I imagine the worst lie is when a coach says “I will do everything in the best interest of your son”. We all know that the best interest is not always in mind when you have a rocket arm like Mitch Mustain did for Arkansas. Houston Nutt even hired his high school football coach, Gus Malzahn, to help persuade the Number 1 rated pocket passer to come to Arkansas in the fall of 2006. I do not think all coaches are like that, but I would be willing to bet that most coaches would tell your parents anything to get you to come play football if you had the talent to do so.

Gus & Houston 

Mitch Mustain’s Mom recently went off on social media following and interview between Houston Nutt and Gus Malzahn. Malzahn, the offensive coordinator at the time (also Mustain’s high school coach), had always been reportedly against Houston Nutt. But now in this recent interview he praised him for the opportunity to coach in college, and he would not be where he is today without Nutt. Apparently, this is a touchy subject with the former Arkansas’s QB mom because she unloaded on the fact that these two hated each other and their turmoil lead to their son transferring to Southern Cal, where Mustain would never see the field.  Full article here.

Who Was Mitch Mustain? 

Mitch Mustain:

  • Parade Magazine Player of the Year 2006
  • 8-0 as a True Freshman starer for the Razorbacks
  • 2007 transfer to USC
  • Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley would win out both starting jobs during his time at USC
  • Just to try and get on the field he tried punting- Did not work out too well
  • Played for the Georgia Force for two season before trying out baseball


Kick in the face 

I do believe that coaches go to far sometimes. They do not admit when they are wrong more times then not, and that can have lasting effects on the players and community around them. The fact the Gus praised Houston Nutt was probably a kick in the face to Mustain’s mom, but at the end of the day Gus Malzahn just did not want to stir up any controversy that would add more media to his program during this season. I feel bad for Mitch Mustain, and how he was treated at Arkansas, but maybe his story is one that people look at and realize you cannot always trust a coach when they say “we have your best interest at heart”.


(All stats and info courtesy of Teamspeedkills) 





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