I Am Drinking The Kentucky Kool-Aid: You Should Too

Kentucky Basketball Football 

Kentucky has been the laughing stock of the East for as long as I can remember. They consistently have the worst recruiting class in the SEC, and you can go ahead and mark them down as a win on your schedule each and every year. Aside from 2007 when Andre Woodson was at the helm, Kentucky football has been a laughing stock until basketball season rolls around. I know it has only been one week and they played UT-Martin, but Kentucky has enough young talent to sneak up on a few teams this year.


Who Made Them Relevant Before? 

Tim Couch is the first Kentucky player I remember who could actually take over a game for a team. He is one of 10 All-Americans for Kentucky since 1980. Just to put that in perspective, Alabama has had 93 All Americans in that span (Some are multiple year). It seems like Kentucky always has one superstar that is hard for us to comprehend why he went there. Another is Randal Cobb. He gave every defense in the SEC fits, even though we all know he was getting the ball. So what has me so high on the Wildcats this season? The fact that they actually beat someone they were supposed to, and not only beat them, but destroyed them.

Key young talent for the Wildcats: 

  • Patrick Towles: QB threw for 359 and only 9 incompletions. Completed passes to 13 different receivers as well.
  • Braylon Heard: RB had two rushes for 116 yards and 2 touchdowns. 58 Yards Per Carry. Todd Gurley Who?
  • AJ Stamps: DB made a great one handed interception and really fired up the Big Blue Nation

Bold Prediction

I do not know if Coach Stoops has put something in the water in Lexington, but right now I could see the Wildcats sneaking in and getting 6 wins and becoming bowl eligible for the first time since 2007. Say what you will, but the Wildcats have always been able to give UGA a game for the first half. This is not a team that you can let hang around for a half and hope to just put them away. A young and inspired UK team could sneak up on a team this year, and the will have to in order for them to be bowl eligible.



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