Georgia vs. South Carolina: Gameplanning Success for the Bulldogs

georgia scar

Truth be told, Georgia and South Carolina did not become bitter rivals until relatively recent.  Sure, South Carolina has won three of the last four matchups and four of the last seven, but traditionally this battle has gone in the Bulldogs’ favor.  In fact, Georgia leads the all-time series 47-17-2.

But as Bulldog and Gamecock fans alike now know, this rivalry is of the utmost importance today.  So in preparation of a game that could very well determine the outcome of the SEC East in 2014, we’ve relied on our partners at The UGA Vault to examine how history can shape Georgia’s immediate future.

Everyday until the game itself we’ll take a look at one historical play that could help Georgia in gameplanning for South Carolina.

September 4: Establish the Deep Passing Game

September 5: Use Running Backs in Passing Game

September 6: Swarm the Quarterback

September 8: A Weakness Worth Exploiting

September 10: Punt Return Game

September 11: More of the Same – HYPE VIDEO

All video footage in this series provided by The UGA Vault.  To learn more about The Vault visit the website, or download the app here for free access to the greatest highlights in Georgia Bulldogs history.

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