Georgia Football: Oh ESPN, You Don’t Think Richt Has Lost Control of the Team?, Hutson Mason Dares South Carolina to Stack the Box, Putting the “Team” in “Special Teams” – Daily Dose of Dawg

Courtesy of 247 Sports

Courtesy of 247 Sports

ESPN Singing a New Tune

Whenever some bonehead from UGA would make a mistake and get suspended, ESPN was always right there to jump on Mark Richt’s back and talk about how he couldn’t control his players. Even though Georgia ranks just 4th (tied with South Carolina) in the SEC in players dismissed since 2010, they are always the ones brought up when people talk about arrests and suspensions in college football.

Aside from the line that states that Mark Richt isn’t consistent with his suspensions (complete crap), this is a pretty good article by Edward Aschoff.


Hutson Mason Eager to Beat the Gamecocks with His Arm

After the Bulldogs dominating rushing performance against the Tigers on Saturday, Georgia knows exactly what’s coming against USC and the other opponents it will face this season. Teams are going to stack the box in order to attempt to stop Georgia’s 4-headed rushing attack and dare Hutson Mason to throw the ball. Well, the Georgia quarterback isn’t scared one bit:

“We can’t be naive,” he said. “I’m sure South Carolina when they get to prepping for us is gonna think, ‘Load the box.’ I hope they do. We’re gonna throw it. And I hope we throw it the first play of the game.”

The rest of the interview with Hutson can be found here.

New Special Teams Changes Already Paying Dividends

Coming off the worst special teams year of the Mark Richt Era, Georgia knew that changes needed to be made. New coaches were assigned to different parts of special teams, and Mark Richt started to get more involved as well. Instead of just trotting the backups in on for these plays, Richt decided to make special teams a “team” effort. He put his best players and best athletes on the field Saturday night for special teams, and they were more successful than he could have ever imagined.

Todd Gurley returned a kick for over 100 yards. Sony Michel sprinted down the field on kickoff and punt coverage every time and had some great tackles. Colin Barber kept the Tigers pinned back deep in their own territory the entire night. And of course Marshall Morgan was money on his one field goal attempt.

Gentry Estes of 247 Sports has more on this here

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