Best Nicknames In SEC History, P90X Hurts, and More

Best Nickname? 

The SEC has always had iconic coaches, players, and figures. My personal favorites include Bear Bryant, Larry Munson, and Champ Bailey. Like I have said before I am not a fan of nicknames, but some of the nicknames on this list are just a perfect fit for the players that own the name. Aside from this list, who do you feel had the best nickname in SEC history? Cadillac Williams is my number one even though he went to Auburn, so swallow your pride and let me hear some of your favorites. Full list can be seen here.

P90X Hurts 

I worked out for the first time in a couple months last week, and I could barely move my arms the next morning. I imagine that is what LSU DT Quentin Thomas felt like when he played through the Wisconsin game with torn biceps. Aside from my ultimate fear of tearing my achilles, that would have to be the most pain I could imagine. Hats off to the big fella. Check out the full story here.

One Game Doesn’t Make UGA Better 

I know I biased because I attend Alabama, but sorry Dawg fans Alabama still has the best backfield in the country. Before you guys get too heated hear me out. Alabama had two rushers go over 100 yards and score in the opener. They not only have a running back who has never missed a game due to injury (TJ Yeldon), but they also have 3 other guys in the backfield who could start anywhere in the country. Yes, Todd Gurley is the best running back in the country, but Yeldon and Henry are pretty damn good too. Also, its been one week. Against an ACC defense. Y’all come talk to me by week 10 and if things have changed I will gladly change my position on the matter. Until then, Roll Damn Tide. Here is the full list.



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  1. I think I’m gonna go with Herschel, which is shocking for a Georgia fan. It doesn’t get much better than “The Goal Line Stalker.”

  2. Think I’m gonna go with Herschel’s nickname, “The Goal Line Stalker.”

  3. So you’re gonna fault the UGA running backs for playing against Clemson (and ACC D) when your Bama boys ran against West Virginia (should still be in the Big East)????

    • No, I’m saying that the Bama backs have already been through an entire SEC season and have been proven through that. One game does not prove anything. It also does not disprove anything either. Like I said, if they go through the full SEC year on this tear, then I’ll gladly amend my statement.

  4. So why did you use the state that they both ran for 100 yards against WV as your reasoning.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong by the way….just that your “proof” was weak.

    I actually think that Bama is better top to bottom too…at least for now.

    • Did not mean to come across as that being my reason as much as it being my basis for consistent play from those two. Like I said, UGA could by the end of the season have the best we have ever seen, but people tend to take one game and blow it way out of proportion.

      I am looking forward to the Florida game and how the young ones run against that D line.

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