Where Are They Now: Four Bulldog Greats You Were Wrong About

I started following SEC football, specifically UGA, during the David Greene and David Pollack era. I thought that the guys on that team would go on to dominate in the NFL. Guys like Odell Thurman were always making plays for Georgia back in the day, who cares if he couldn’t read, he could play some football. Here is a list of guys I thought would go on to bigger and better things, but ultimately were a disappointment to my young self.

Odell Thurman: 

  • Drafted by the Bengals in 2005
  • Finished 2nd for NFL rookie of the year
  • 2006-2008 A lot of drug and alcohol suspension and arrest
  • 2008- Beat a man up at a water park
  • Currently not playing football and lives in Monticello, GA

Terrance Edwards

  • SEC leader in total yardage
  • Only has one NFL reception
  • Lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in receptions and touchdowns
  • Retired from football in 2014

Greg Blue

  • Easily the hardest hitter UGA has ever had
  • Drafted by the Vikings in 2006
  • Released after 2 seasons
  • Currently a free agent in the Canadian Football League

Mussa Smith

  • Drafted by the Ravens in 2003
  • Played with the Ravens until 2008
  • Signed with the Jets, but later released due to not passing the physical


Who could you add to this list that played a huge role for whatever team you pull for? I know there are many SEC players that we all thought would make a hug difference at the next level, but for some reason fell off the map once they were drafted.



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