SEC Power Rankings, Week 2

With one week in the books, everyone gets the chance to re-evaluate their preseason (mis)conceptions based on what they see in week 1. Sometimes, people don’t get around to it as quickly as you’d hope.

At, we’re not afraid to admit we’re wrong. Hell, these rankings probably won’t hold water two weeks from now. But based on what we saw in week 1, here is the first set of power rankings of the SEC season:

1) Georgia (beat Clemson 45-21): If we had ranked the SEC at halftime of the Clemson game, Georgia would have come in at 6 or 7. But a much-improved defense and special teams, and patently absurd running game, and a passing game that will improve as weapons emerge and return from injury make this the best spot for the Dawgs.

2) Auburn (beat Arkansas 45-21): Win 45-21, crawl towards the top of my power rankings, apparently. From what I saw, Auburn has a little bit of 2013 Texas A&M in them, in that they may lose some games by way of not getting enough stops. But 24 points over an SEC opponent in week 1 is good enough for #2.

3) Texas A&M (mollywopped South Carolina 52-28): I still really can’t believe this one. Hedging here as I should have them 1 or 2, but I want to see their defense against in-state schools who put up 30+ points on them last year before buying.

4) Alabama (beat West Virginia 33-23): Pretty unimpressive result, all told. Blake Sims didn’t look great, they made my fear of not getting O.J. Howard involved in the offense a reality (0 catches, 1 target), and their corners looked as bad as last year’s.

5) LSU, I guess. (beat Wisconsin 28-24): There’s no way they win if Melvin Gordon stays healthy for the whole game.

6) Ole Miss (beat Boise 35-13): I was there, and their offense registers as a solid “meh”. Laquon Treadwell is going to be wasted by the fact that Dr. Bo doesn’t have the arm strength to allow him to stretch the field. I was impressed by the size and speed of their defense, which held Boise to 6 points in the three quarters (on short fields many times) that the game was very much in doubt.

7) Tennessee (beat Utah State 38-7): Maybe the most pleasantly surprising result for any SEC team outside of Texas A&M, the Vols dominated both lines of scrimmage (which we didn’t expect) and shut down Chuckie Keeton (again, which we didn’t expect) and won going away.

8) Mississippi State (beat Southern Miss 49-0): looked great in all three phases against a team that has won exactly two games in the past two years. Don’t really know what to take away from this one.

9) Florida (postponed vs. Idaho, lightning): Take it away, Spencer Hall.

10) South Carolina (got spanked by Texas A&M, 52-28): Whereas this is a kneejerk reactive post, what with having Georgia #1 and Alabama outside the top three, we’ll know if this is valid in two weeks. But for one week, nobody looked quite so incompetent.

11) Missouri (beat South Dakota St. 38-18): Didn’t watch, can’t elaborate.

12) Arkansas (lost to Auburn 45-21): They were at least moving the ball, this represents progress for the ‘Backs, who I STILL think get a conference win or two this year.

13) Kentucky (beat UT-Martin by not looking up the score): Neat.

14) Vanderbilt (lost to Temple 37-7): At home. James Franklin, you’re a coaching god. Phil Steele, I apologize for calling you out for having Kentucky ahead of these guys. What a dumpster fire this could quickly become, which is totally okay by me.

Umm... Anchor Down indeed.

Umm… Anchor Down indeed.

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