Georgia Football: Todd Gurley is The Beast Incarnate

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This April, the Undertaker’s streak of 21 wins at the Showcase of the Immortals came to an end at the hands of one Brock Lesnar. The next night, his manager Paul Heyman delivered one of the great wrestling promos of our time, but I think he should have saved it for an even more dominating performance.

Yeah, I know Clemson had no streak going to speak of…unless you count the misplaced hopes and dreams of their fan base over time.

And I do.

“My name is Paul Heyman and it is the greatest privilege of my career to serve as the advocate for the beast incarnate, TODD GURLEY, the conqueror of CLEMSON. A streak that lasted nearly a quarter of a century, a quarter of a century that ended in three seconds at the hands of TODD GURLEY. I understand how you feel; you’re in shock, which shows me your lack of intelligence because we hate to say we told you so but ladies and gentlemen, we told you so.

“My client stood before you in this shirt. Here it is. Now, I know how difficult it is for you to read but it says ‘Eat. Sleep. Break the Streak.’ And you had the temerity to doubt the strategy of the greatest manager in sports entertainment history, Paul Heyman, or the physical credentials of the most dominant athlete in NCAA FOOTBALL ever, TODD GURLEY. Hey, let’s get one thing straight: TODD GURLEY is not here to put smiles on people’s faces. TODD GURLEY is here to shock NCAA FOOTBALL and put tears in the eyes of children.”

Full unedited video of the promo is below. I’d like to think Todd Gurley would most certainly be a Paul Heyman guy.

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