Georgia Still Chasing Bama after Saturday?

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Could we see a rematch of the greatest SEC title of all time this year? Alabama and Georgia, who both have favorable schedules, could be on a crash course to Atlanta. Georgia looked better than expected in week one, and Alabama was a little underwhelming in their debut. One thing is for sure, these two teams have the most talented running backs in the country. The trick is finding out who has the edge going forward.

Alabama: The Good 

First thing is first: WE MADE FOUR FIELD GOALS!!! That was so refreshing to see after watching kick six highlights for 6 months. Derrick Henry and TJ Yeldon both rushed for over 100 yards and 3 touchdowns. Hand one of them the ball and just get out of the way. I know I am going to get a lot of heat for this, but Lane Kiffin is a hell of an offensive coordinator. Kiffin was able to get Blake Sims to complete 65% of his passes, and have over 550 yards of total offense. I think it is time we all fess up that Kiffin knows how to coach an offense. Amari Cooper, 12 catches 130 yards (Nuff Said). Alabama has enough talent to compete with anyone going forward, and I look forward to watching Kiffin play with his new toys.

Georgia: The Good

Todd Gurley. Is there anything else that needs to go in this section, because from what I have read, Todd played defense too. Gurley aside, all of the other running backs looked incredible against a highly touted Clemson defensive line. Speaking of the trenches, hats off to both the offense and defensive lines for really controlling the line of scrimmage all night. The defense had a strong second half that made the two QBs for Clemson look like high school freshman back there.

Alabama: The Bad

For the love of Bear Bryant, I cannot watch Bradley Slyve defend another pass. It was like watching Damien Swann cover anyone last year, just painful. The linebackers were not filling the gaps well, but I will cut them a little slack because it was their first starts. Either way, you play for the Alabama Crimson Tide, this is not Kentucky where you get effort grades. If Alabama wants to be in contention at the end of the year, the defensive backs will have to remove their heads out of a certain area of their bodies and play like the Crimson Tide defense that we are all accustomed to seeing.

Georgia: The Bad

Truthfully, aside from a few missed tackles and assignments in the first half, I have no criticism.

History Repeat itself?

The only way Alabama and Georgia will end up facing each other in Atlanta, is if the QB play going forward shows us something other than turning around and handing the ball off. Do any of you remember Hutson Mason throwing a single memorable pass, or did you think Todd Gurley threw it? Blake Sims is not the long term answer for the Tide. He played an adequate game, but I just do not think he has the throwing capacity to lead the Tide all season. Until Mason, Sims, or Coker have to lead a game winning drive, I do not think we will be able to put either one of these teams in the two team playoff. Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron are not there to lead these drives, one of these guys has to stand up and show they have the ability to make big throws when it matters most. That is what will decide who has the biggest edge going forward in the SEC.



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  1. It’s only been one game! One! All need to settle down and lets not book our NC flights yet. I can tell you this. We played at what I would call “perhaps our best”. And we smoked a 24 ranked Clemson that had several key players on suspension. I’m not sure we just beat Goliath!

    Solid win, at home and the crowd was in it. We had the perfect situation going for us. Enjoy the win. Now like Saban… He only allows his team to celebrate a win for up to 12 hours. Time to get to work. We won last week. That has nothing to do with this week and especially what we have in store for us in a very hostile stadium against a GREAT ball coach and a very talented team.

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