Georgia Football: Hutson Mason Not Going to Pass Again, What We Learned, and Relive the Clemson Game Once More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

No More Passing

So maybe it won’t be quite that extreme, but there seems to be a shift taking place in the UGA offense. The Bulldogs rushed the ball 41 times for 328 yards on Saturday night, and didn’t run a single pass play in the fourth quarter. Now I love slinging the ball around and getting our receivers involved, but the Georgia coaches realized what we were all thinking, “Why stop running the ball when we’re dominating?” Now I think we’ll certainly throw the ball and rely on the passing game a little more as the season goes on, but I still expect our coaches to call mostly running plays until teams are able to stop them. And why not when you have a 1-2-3-4 punch that can take over games?

Marc Weiszer has more on this here.


Quick Takeaways From Saturday’s Blowout Win Against the Tigers

Radi Nabulsi of 11 Alive News did a great piece on the five things we learned from UGA’s first game. I would sum them up, but he truly says them best.

Story here.


Great Photos From UGA’s First Game

So not exactly news, but Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated was able to get 75 great pictures from the Smackdown in Sanford Stadium that took place this weekend.


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