Auburn Cheats To Avoid Upset, Stafford Is Number 1, And More

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September National Champions Are the Best Ones! 

I mean, who doesn’t like Bowl Projections after week one? I would be willing to bet my college tuition that this is not even half right. This is a long season boys, and we all know that a simple missed kick with one second left can completely alter the outlook of a season. But if you just want something to brag about to your co-workers, here is the first bowl projections. Take a look here.

Stafford and His Dad Bod

The boys over at Saturday Down South compiled a list of the top SEC bound QBs since 2002. One Bulldog finished 1st overall, and was later drafted number 1 overall. If you did not know by my clues, it was Matt Stafford. The most talented arm I have ever seen come through the SEC and with the athletic build of a 40 year old man. It was just impressive. Take a look at the full list here.



Auburn Cheats; Water is Wet

Auburn cheated to win against Arkansas. Well, maybe they did not cheat, but the Arkansas coaches were stuck in an elevator at halftime and could not get down to make any adjustments with their team. Personally, I feel like Gus Malzahn had something to do with this, but maybe that is just the Bama in me. I mean, if this was any other team, this would be a huge story and we would have to hear about it all year. Someone back me up, and get the NCAA to investigate Gus Malzahn. Full story here.



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  1. If Auburn is breathing, they’re cheating.

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