Mean Tweets, A Bloody Referee, and More

Of all the SEC teams this weekend I felt like Mississippi State was one of the more impressive teams. Granted, they will probably go on to win a about seven games and give Dan Mullen a contract extension but that is what they do in Starkvegas. The biggest hit of the night in Starkville happened to involve two State players taking out a poor referee. Personally I felt like it was intentional from a missed call earlier that drive, but you be the judge. Check it out here.

If you went through my tweets, there would be much worse ones then what the set of College Gameday picked for some of these coaches to read aloud. I mean truthfully Dan Mullen’s is my personal favorite, and I am guessing they could not find any appropriate ones talking about Urban Meyer or else he would definitely be on the segment. Here is the segment that I hope they continue doing in future shows, and less Desmond Howard video break downs.

Leonard Fournette is not Adrian Peterson. He’s not Todd Gurley, TJ Yeldon, or even Mike Davis. I feel kind of bad for the Freshman LSU running back because of how hyped up his debut was, but it was evident that he was not used to the pace of play in college just yet. I am not saying he cannot be one those backs, but he has a long way to go. Check out his stats here.



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