Georgia Football: SEC Championship Talk Back on the Table Thanks to Pruitt’s Defense

Todd Gurley, yes.

But that defense, though.

That was the surprise of the evening.  The first half looked like more of the same with just glimpses of improvement.  And then Pruitt did something Georgia fans aren’t used to: he made adjustments.  The defense got more aggressive.  The defense attacked deceptively and consistently.  Clemson panicked, and then went nowhere.

The individual improvements are going to come, but I don’t think anyone doubted that from a coach whose emphasis is on one-on-one instruction and fundamentals.  But it’s encouraging to see that while those improvements are processing, Pruitt is still going to find a way to put his players in the position to succeed.

This defense wasn’t a hindrance on Saturday.  That legitimizes SEC Championship talk more than any other factor.

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