Georgia Bulldogs: Position Unit Grades and Love for the Coaches

I have a feeling that Daniel Palmer will touch on this with his knee-jerk reaction piece later, but let’s show some brief love for the Georgia coaching staff.

Those who questioned a lack of Gurley in the first half got a pretty strong answer in the second half when the star running back beasted his way to a trillion yards on a healthy dose of carries.  Nick Chubb came in and bruised as well.  The offense may not have done a lot in the first half, but Mike Bobo sure did “work” that half.  And that work paid off tremendously.  Clemson’s front seven is better than it looked on Saturday.  But Bobo sure got his offensive line, fullbacks/H-backs and running backs to make them look like fools.


Equally impressive, Jeremy Pruitt’s halftime adjustments.  The defense showed flashes of improvement in the first half, but the Dawgs used intermission to reevaluate and alter plans of attack.  Blitzes were used more often but more thoroughly disguised, and as a result guys like Leonard Floyd spent the entire third and fourth quarters in the Clemson backfield.

I wrote half-by half analysis on Georgia and Clemson’s position groups here, but here’s how I would cumulatively grade the Dawgs:

Pass Offense: C   –   This was never a point of emphasis for the Bulldogs, but 26 attempts went for just 131 yards.

Run Offense: A+   –   Enough said.

Pass Defense: B+   –   This was an A+ in the second half, but old mistakes (not finding the ball, missing tackles) did plage the Dawg defense in the first half.

Run Defense: B+   –   Similarly, Clemson had some first half success on the ground.  But boy did that evaporate.

Special Teams: A   –   A 100-yard kick return, a legitimate threat on punt returns, perfection from the field goal/XP unit, a missed field goal by opposition.  What’s not to like?

Coaching: A   –   Again, a stellar first-game performance from the entire coaching staff.  This team was ready to compete and ready to adjust.


That’s all I got/



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