Johnny Football Does Aerobics, Hoddy Toddy Gets Ejected, and More


Johnny Jazzer-Size 

John “Tackle” Football has found a new hobby now that he has lost the starting job in Cleveland to Brian Hoyer. He prefers to go by Johnny Jazzer-size now, but either way we can all agree I think he found his true calling.  I do hope we see Johnny Football on the field this year, because he makes watching the Cleveland Browns bearable and if you are lucky he might just flip off the opposing team. Just think of the dream team of Johnny Football and Crowell leading the Browns to the Super Bowl. Imagine the after party! Check out the full commercial here.


Hoddy Toddy Gosh Almighty

We all hated the targeting rule last season. I mean when you have the call reversed, why the heck does the 15 yard penalty stand? That is now a thing of the past, but Ole Miss had the privilege last night of being the first ejection of the year. It is a pretty warranted ejection, but I still am not a fan of the over protection of the game I grew up watching. Let the boys play. They have pads and know the risk when they strap up each and every game. Check out the ejection here. 



JR Smith or Dominick Sanders 

JR Smith does not play for the Bulldogs, but Georgia’s Dominick Sanders has a a chest full of tattoos that rival that of JR Smith’s. I personally do not get why people get tons of tattoos, but hey like my hero Gorilla Zoe says, “it aint trickin’ if ya got it” and I certainly do not have it. See this Bulldog’s impressive chest landscape here


Poor Arty Lynch 

Former Bulldog Tight-End Arthur Lynch will not be playing for the Miami Dolphin in 2014 due to a back injury that will require surgery. Lynch was on track to be one of the two starting tight-ends for the Phins this season, so we hope he has a speedy recovery. As someone who grew up watching Tripp Chandler drop several touchdowns for the Dawgs, it was nice seeing ole’ sure hands Arty out there each and every saturday. Check out his full status here.




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