Pray Updyke Is Not A Boston College Fan, Crowell Surviving, and More

Boston College great Doug Flutie tweeted a picture of his statue with a UMass jersey on it with the caption “Eww” on Wednesday afternoon. If Harvey Updyke was as passionate about Boston College as he is about The University of Alabama, he would have went to UMass and burned that campus to the ground after seeing that picture. For those of you who need a little refresher, Upddyke poisoned the Toomer’s Corner live oaks after he saw someone put a “Scam Newton” jersey on Bear Bryant’s statue outside of Bryant Denny, following the Iron Bowl in 2010. Now putting a jersey on a statue is not equivalent to poisoning trees, and UMass and BC is nothing like the Iron Bowl, but UMass might want to consider themselves lucky that Updyke is not a BC fan and their campus is safe… For now. Roll Damn Tide.


The man, the myth, the legend Isaiah Crowell has made it through the first round of cuts at the Cleveland Browns. He along with fellow former SEC Freshman of the Year, Johnny Manziel, have impressed the coaches enough to hang around for at least another week. Granted Manziel had a little higher signing bonus and went on to win the Heisman trophy, but hey who is counting? Check out his chances of making the final roster here.


Clint Trickitt is claiming that Nick Saban’s daughter was his first kiss. I am not calling Clint a liar, but the only way Kristen Saban kissed him is if Nick Saban said it was okay. You do not come out and say these erroneous things before the the big game, because Papa Saban is now going punish you for even thinking of kissing his daughter. Here is Clint’s account of the magical kiss.

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