Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ Special Teams Coach Tries to Chug a Beer, Fails Miserably, Amusement Ensues

Last weekend, Chad Floyd was challenged to the #DawgNationCBC.  The goal: Raise awareness for Georgia’s impending battle with Clemson.  The means of achieving said goal: Chugging a beer.

Chad survived, as we knew he would, and went on to challenge me.  I survived and went on to challenge Jason Smith (who’s ignoring the challenge!!!) and the mythical UGA Special Teams Coach.

That led to the following Twitter exchange…



Then this morning — at a strangely early-to-be-drinking-on-a-Thursday hour — this happened.


If the video there doesn’t load, it’s also right here.



That’s all I got/



For brilliant Special Teams plays, Download the UGA Vault for free from the iTunes App Store. Just click here.It’s that easy.

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