Ranking the SEC Hype Videos – Georgia Gets a Win

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With college football starting in less than 3 days, I started to rank the best hype videos to be released in the SEC.

1) Georgia 

Bulldogs did everything right with this video. It was short, sweet, great music, and had awesome visuals.

2014 Fall Preview from Georgia Football on Vimeo.

2) Arkansas

After watching this video, Razorbacks made me believe they can actually compete again in the SEC. Not to mention, you can never go wrong with that music.

3) South Carolina

Gamecocks made me feel as if I were watching a movie trailer for your next big football movie.

4) LSU 

Just enough slow motion graphics and big hits to allow me to get into this video.

5) Ole Miss

I’m a sucker for anything Batman themed. My only concern is the Rebels using Gene Chizik’s old slogan “We Are All In”.

6) Vandy 

I dig the music and I can definitely get into the visuals.

7) Auburn

I liked what the Tigers were trying to do with the 13 second theme. It just seemed too forced and try hard.

8) Missouri 

I really liked the visuals, just wasn’t a fan of the music.

9) Texas A&M

Spent way too much time discussing their big draft picks. #DontCare

10) Florida

This video was about as entertaining as the Gators 2013 season. But then again, I guess they didn’t have many highlights to choose from.

11) Alabama

I had high expectations for the Tide’s hype video. There’s no excuse to why they don’t have the Goliath of all hype videos. Just too slow going for me and the music didn’t help.

12)  Tennessee

That song. I just couldn’t. Nothing about that song hypes me up, if anything it annoys me more than that bright Orange does.

13) Mississippi State

Anything that requires Dan Mullen to speak makes me cringe.

14) Kentucky

disclaimer: Kentucky doesn’t play football 



Bonus Hype Video 

The UGA Vault made a hype video specifically for the Georgia/Clemson game.  It’s stellar.


Now, who’s fired up?  SEC Football starts tomorrow!


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