Florida Gators Can’t Sell Tickets and I’m Buying the Arkansas Football Team Pizza – News from Around the SEC


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Ticket Trouble at Florida


Florida is a two-time BCS Champion, perennial top 10 recruiting classes, and yet they cannot sellout their student tickets. I understand they just came off the worst season in recent memory for the program, but with the longest tenured QB in the SEC returning, and the SEC East theoretically up for grabs, how can the Gator faithful not get excited? With the new offensive coordinator this should be a turn around year for the Gators. Muschamp will throw the kitchen sink at the cocktail party this year or it wont matter how many games he wins, he will be out the door. See how far they have undersold here.



Spurrier Gets a Banner

Listen, I go to the University of Alabama. Nick Saban is the most powerful man in the state, and I do not think anyone has a problem with that. Steve Spurrier has not won a championship at South Carolina. Entering into his 10th season, he has one SEC East title, which is code for “We finished second to the SEC Champion”. So the fact that the Gamecock faithful has put an 80 foot banner of the Ole’ Ball Coach outside of Williams-Bryce Stadium is just comical. If the Gamecocks ever win a National Title with Spurrier, they plan on naming the entire school after him. Check out the banner here.





Arkansas, I have never asked you for anything before now. Could you please put Auburn in its place week one? I know you guys have not been very good as of late, but I am just so tired of watching Kick-Six, and the Miracle and Jordan-Hare.  As a bonus a local pizza place is going to offer penny pizzas if you do win! I would be willing to buy the entire team pizza if you make this happen. That is a promise Coach Bielema. If any of you want to help me out on flipping the bill, here are the details.




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