Georgia Football Recruiting: Dawgs Becoming Wide Receiver “U”?

Please welcome Jonathan Sanders, who will be covering the Georgia Bulldogs and recruiting for


Courtesy of 247 Sports

Courtesy of 247 Sports

Van Jefferson-☆☆☆☆

247 Sports– #103 Overall; #9 WR; #2 in TN
Rivals– #207 Overall; #23 WR; #10 in TN
ESPN– #170 Overall; #18 WR; #6 in TN

Georgia has once again gone in to Tennessee and stepped on the Volunteers with a hobnail boot. The Bulldogs continued their red-hot August when 2015 wide receiver, Van Jefferson, chose the Dawgs over Tennessee, Ohio State, and Florida on Monday afternoon. This is sweet revenge from 2010 when top receiver in the state of Georgia, Da’Rick Rogers, chose the Vols over the Bulldogs.

Jefferson is a great talent, and will fit in tremendously with UGA’s offense. He reminds me a lot of Chris Conley, and I could certainly see him having a similar impact. He’s got great hands and a unique ability to get past defenders at the line of scrimmage. Although not blazing fast, Jefferson is a very polished receiver. Often you hear of guys who have “raw talent”, but haven’t yet harnessed it. Jefferson is a very college-ready receiver who seems to still be improving. It would not surprise me one bit if he finishes this high school season ranked in the top 100 by most recruiting services. If you want to see for yourself, check out his highlights here. Another thing that really impresses me about Van is his maturity. From interviews he’s done, you really get a sense that he has a good head on his shoulders, and after some of the boneheads we’ve had come into the program as of late, it’s pretty refreshing.

The pickup of Jefferson adds to an already stellar class of receivers for 2015 that includes 5-star Terry Godwin, 4-star Jayson Stanley, and 4-star Michael Chigbu. Recruiting receivers for this class is a major priority for UGA as they will likely see the departures of Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Jonathan Rumph, and possibly Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley after this season.

Georgia’s recruiting class now sits at #3 on 247 Sports, #4 on Rivals, and #3 on ESPN. You have to think this class will finish in the top two with a number of big name recruits still likely to commit to the Dawgs.

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  1. Great article!

  2. If Georgia stepped on Tennessee with a hobnail boot by getting the #24 ranked WR out of TN, what did Tennessee do to Georgia by taking the #1 ranked WR out of Georgia in Preston Williams?
    WRU? Not even close. UGA may have the best team in America right now, but it’s nowhere close to WRU.

    • johnnyboysanders

      Well on 247 Jefferson is rated as the number 2 overall player in TN, #6 on Rivals, and #6 on ESPN. And getting Preston Williams was a huge get for yall, I won’t lie, but Preston Williams certainly isn’t the #1 WR in the state if you count Terry Godwin as a WR (which is what he plays along with CB).

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