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What Is a Gigem and How Do I Avoid It? A Texas A&M Preview

Johnny Football is irrelevant to Texas A&M this season, so I am drafting this quickly and seeing if I can go the rest of this post without mentioning him.

The Aggies are recruiting at an obnoxious level. Like, we have Ole Miss higher and I’m starting to question why, because nobody in the SEC has more raw talent than A&M besides Alabama and LSU. The problem? It is young talent. Very young. There are 7 senior starters as listed by Phil Steele, and 8 underclassmen. But yo, talent.

One of my favorite backstories in college football is still the Texas/Texas A&M pissing match, which will only continue to get better as Charlie Strong gains enough traction in Austin to provide bulletin board fodder. It still baffles me that A&M is in the better position to succeed long-term, BECAUSE THE SEC NETWORK NETS THEM MORE MONEY THAN THE LONGHORN NETWORK NETS TEXAS! IMEANWHAT? While I don’t think either team is good enough to play in ‘BCS’ Bowls this year, can we please get a Texas Bowl (or Liberty Bowl) out of these teams this year for some good Tuesday-night-during-Christmas-season entertainment?

But, yeah. Future Texas A&M is all sunshine, raspberries, and creepy shouts of ‘gig em’, whatever the hell that means.  And Kyle Field moved WAY up the ‘stadiums to visit in the next five years’ list this offseason. (And here I start a third sentence in this paragraph with a conjunction!)

2014 Texas A&M? Wildly erratic, explosive on offense (yes, still), but also still terrible on defense.

Five Players to Watch

1) Cedric Ogbuehi, OT: The most interesting man in the SEC, because Texas A&M exploited this loophole to keep him in College Station. Seriously. Read this link (yes, its the same link). Inform yourself. He got a first-round grade this year (and remember, this is a line that had Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews) and could be ANOTHER top-10 pick from the Ags.
2) Myles Garrett, DE: On the other line, the next freakish Clowney/Nkemdiche type guy. Apparently he’s squatting over 600 pounds and running in the high 4.6’s. At 6’5 250. Jeebus.
3) Kyle Allen, QB: Another true freshman, another guy ranked #1 at his position, and, yeah. Nothing more to see here. No pressure, kid.
4) Drew Kaser, P: The punter is a second-team All-American. Fresh legs and all that, I guess. His playing time is a direct barometer for how Texas A&M’s season is going. Seeing the field even once could be enough to cost this defense a game.
5) Ricky Seals-Jones, WR: GUESS WHAT? Another top-ranked youngin’, but he got a medical redshirt after catching a 71-yard TD pass early last year. This year, he’s probably jumping into the Ryan Swope-Mike Evans #1 receiver role.

Interesting Betting Stuff

Extremely high, too good to be true over/unders are generally sucker bets. I don’t think that rule applies to the 2014 Texas A&M Aggies.

Ray Rice adding punches to Domestic Violence


Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is known on the gridiron for what he can do with his feet. But for the past six months, Rice has been in the spotlight for what he can also do with his hands.

During the offseason, Rice was caught on tape in Atlantic City’s Revel Casino punching, and knocking out his fiancée (now wife). He is also briefly seen dragging her out of the elevator before a man comes to stop him.

In May, he and his wife Janay Palmer opened up to the media about the incident. While Ray apologized to his bosses, Janay apologized for her role in which the incident happened. I repeat, SHE APOLOGIZED.

With the start of Ravens training camp today, Rice finally decided to do what the world had been waiting on. He apologized. Rice held an 18-minute press conference in the Ravens’ training facility in Maryland to discuss that night in Atlantic City. But after hearing his speech, I was left with a few questions of my own.

“I’ve made the biggest of mistake of my life,” Rice told reporters. “I take full responsibility for my actions. My wife can do no wrong. What happened that night should have never happened.”

His wife can do no wrong? Clearly, before this tape was released, she was able to do a lot of wrong. Wrong enough he felt the need to knock her out cold. How many times has this happened, Rice? Was this a daily occurrence? Better yet, how many other women has he struck?

“Her pain is my pain,” Rice added.

So Rice is saying we can knock him out too, right?

“The one thing I can control is being a better father and a better role model,” Rice said.

I’d like to think that he can probably control his fists too, but that’s my opinion.

“The pain I’m talking about living with is that, is waking up every day and my daughter is two years old now, I have a little girl who’s very smart, very intelligent,” Rice said. “And one day she’s gonna know the power of Google. And we have to explain that to her — what happened that night. And I know that’s not who I am as a man.”

I am very proud of Rice acknowledging what’s important, and that is his daughter. However, what pain is he truly living with? I can assure you that his wife has been dealing with pain far longer than he will endure. And you’re right, Rice. You’re not a man. Men don’t hit women; yet alone knock them out unconscious.

Rice continued in his speech stating that he would like to become an ambassador for domestic violence.

Excuse me, what? That statement alone is a giant slap to every victim of domestic violence. I can guarantee that this was not a one-night incident for Rice. More than likely, it won’t be the last. He just won’t have a videotape to give him reason to apologize.

If Rice had not been caught would he be addressing the public with an apology? Where was his apology months ago?

Watching the tape a few times, what disturbs me most is seeing Rice drag Janay’s lifeless body as if she were a duffle bag. Where was he going with her? Was he just going to tuck her into bed, grab some beers, and parade around Atlantic City?

An even scarier question, what would have actually happened had somebody not stopped him?


-Ashley Barnett

4-star safety flips from UGA to Alabama

More details on Rico McGraw flipping…

Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ Ranked Too Low in Preseason Coaches Poll

Admittedly, this is all conjecture—especially now that the poll doesn’t count into a BCS formula.  That being said, I think the Bulldogs are undervalued at no. 12 in the Amway Coaches Poll.

As I look at the returning talent and the slate ahead, I only anticipate the Bulldogs being underdogs in two games: South Carolina and Auburn.  I think at least one of those could be won.  Neither seems un-winnable.

But let’s say Georgia drops two—either to the Cocks and Tigers or to someone else.  Since when is a 10-2 team from the SEC with two ACC non-conference opponents on its slate not worth of a top 10 ranking?  I think that’s very likely to be a reality.

So, where should the Dawgs be ranked?  I’m not sure.

Admittedly, I struggle to wrap my head around South Carolina—a team missing its all-time winningest QB (Connor Shaw), its best-ever player (Jadeveon Clowney) and its best offensive weapon (Bruce Ellington).  The trend for S. Car is certainly upward and Spurrier has done a hell of a job there.  But I’m not seeing them as a sure-fire top 10 team at this point, and they’re ranked ninth.  And for what it’s worth, I think they could beat the tar out of Georgia (in theory) on Sept. 13 and still not be a firm top 10 team.  That’s just how South Carolina is.  That happened in 2012.

Read more on why Georgia’s talent and schedule merit top 10 consideration here.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Recruiting: Georgia Loses 4-Star Commit to Alabama

Yesterday, news broke of Rico Johnson’s move from wide receiver to defensive back.  Today, Rico McGraw, a 4-star DB commit in the class of 2015, has moved his commitment from Georgia to the Alabama Crimson Tide according to  Rico’s are staying on the move it appears.

In and of itself this means little, though it’s far from encouraging.  Early commitments flip all the time.

More alarming, however, is the potential of a mass exodus.  Alabama, as arguably the nation’s most powerful football program, is a threat to poach a host of Georgia prospects like Terry Godwin (5-star Athlete) and Natrez Patrick (4-star DE).  Hopefully McGraw proves to be an anomaly within the class.


That’s all I got/


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