Georgia Football: Friday Freakout – This Clemson Game is Scary

Some random thoughts that crossed my mind this morning…

As excited as I may be about the return of Georgia football and a season-opening grudge match, I can’t say I’m overly optimistic about the Dawgs’ chances against Clemson.  It’s still early, and these sentiments may change drastically once fall camp opens up, but for now I’m worried.

One wold be foolish to expect anything other than a prolific offense out of the Tigers in 2014.  Tajh Boyd is gone, yes.  Sammy Potkins is gone, certainly.  Martavis Bryant is gone, no doubt.  Roderick McDowell is gone, fasho.  But none of that matters given:

  • Chad Morris is still the offensive coordinator.
  • A respectable 700ish rushing yards returns.
  • Playmaker gonna play, and playmakers gonna play receiver for Clemson.
  • Chad Morris still the offensive coordinator.
  • 49 career starts (not overwhelming, but doable) return from five guys return on the line.
  • Chad Morris is still the offensive coordinator.

These concerns are compounded by the fact that we still – as of damn-near July – have no clue who’s going to line up in Georgia’s secondary.  Open competition is great and Jeremy Pruitt may prove to be great, but who’s playing corner other than (presumably) Damian Swann?  J.J. Green the former running back? Devin Bowman or Sheldon Dawson? A new guy?  We assume Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger will be the dudes anchoring the safety position but let’s not forget that these two failed to permanently lockdown starting spots in last year’s horrific defensive backfield.

Offensively, Georgia’s going to be ready, but breaking in a largely new (but plenty large) offensive line shouldn’t be overlooked.  Nor should Clemson’s defense.  The Tigers might have the best defensive line on Georgia’s schedule this season.  Four returning lineman registered 10+ tackles-for-loss last season.  Vic Beasley was beastly (23 TFL, 13 sacks, 6 pass break-ups, 4 forced fumbles) against Georgia and everyone else and he’ll be back.

This is a tough game.  A really tough game.

South Carolina – a team that lost the best quarterback in its program’s history (Connor Shaw), its best offensive playmaker (Bruce Ellington), and the best player in in the history of its athletic department (Clowney) – is getting lots of attention this offseason, but this Clemson team cannot be looked past.

I can’t wait for this season.  But I’d take an FCS program in Week 1…I’m not even gonna lie to you.


That’s all I got/


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