Georgia Football: This Might Be Why Tray Matthews Was Dismissed

Update: 5:30 PM

Matthews has responded on Twitter to some rumors about cussing out a teacher.

It should be noted: Cussing was never mentioned in the story below.  If someone added that to the scenario, it was not me.

Additionally, rumors regarding the police actually showing up and escorting Matthews out of the class room are completely false.  Matthews left, according to the source referenced below, on his own.

Let’s all be careful not to drag the guy’s name through the mud unnecessarily.

Note: I’m not pretending to have firsthand knowledge of what led to the dismissal of Tray Matthews, but obviously something was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  A student at UGA—someone I know personally and who I have a high degree of confidence in—relayed the following details to me.

Apparently, Tray Matthews was enrolled in a Maymester class.  My buddy happened to be in the class (Children’s Literature) with Matthews and roughly 30 other students.  According to my pal, Matthews was consistently disruptive and disrespectful during class.  Matthews apparently spent most of his class time talking with those around him and would even go so far as to pull out his phone for calls during the class.  Again, this is a relatively small class, so you can imagine the kind of distraction that would cause.

His antics culminated on the final day of class (yesterday), when the professor stopped teaching and told Matthews to get out of the class.  Matthews feigned an excuse by saying he was “just asking a question,” but the professor had already reached a breaking point.  So he reiterated the command adding, “You have been disrupting this class all semester, get our of my class.”

Matthews responded, “Or what?”  After a long, awkward pause the professor asked (perhaps rhetorically), “What do I have to do? Call the police?”

Matthews did not leave the classroom and the professor backed off of his threat, but not before commenting that he had never had to stop class like that before in his career.  He added (still in front of the entire class) that Matthews was the most disrespectful student he had ever had (in 37 years of teaching).

Final Word

I’m not kicking Matthews while he’s down, because we all made mistakes—in and out of the classroom—during college.  But I also wouldn’t publish this story if I didn’t

  1. Have a high degree of confidence in the source.  And
  2. Feel this could have been the final nail in the coffin of Tray’s time at Georgia.

As I joked last week, Mark Richt was very hesitant to say Matthews had matured as of late but did stress that he needed to mature.  Obviously, Matthews was under some scrutiny (and rightfully so).  An event like this may have been all she wrote for Tray Matthews as far as Richt was concerned.

In all seriousness, I hope Matthews gets things together and has a bright future.  There’s no sense in wishing ill-will toward the guy.

That’s all I got/


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  1. A good story there, Andrew. Sometimes we don’t know when to quit when we are ahead. I’m sure Tray is rueing the day, just as Alvin Kamara did with his issues at Alabama.

  2. UGA_gurl4life

    very good story…. I love how you presented the facts and you didnt kick him while he was down! idk you but thanks for the story

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