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Georgia Football: Leonard Floyd Is Going to Make or Break This Defense…and Opposing Quarterbacks

Let’s hope he makes Pruitt’s defense and breaks opposing passers…am I right?

Seriously, this guy’s impact could be massive in 2014.  The best medicine for an ailing (or possibly diseased) secondary is a good pass rush, and Floyd should lead that charge.  Heading into this season his role has been simplified to: Get The Quarterback.

Ultimately, that’s what you want an athlete of Floyd’s caliber doing.  He’s rangy, likes to create leverage with his active hands and has tremendous top-side speed and finishes plays to boot.  Why dilute those skills by having him drop into coverage?

A big year from Floyd (forget 10 sacks, I’m looking for 12) will go a long way in hiding secondary deficiencies.

Read more of my thoughts here.


That’s all I got/


World Cup: Simultaneous Game Week Bonanza!

Simultaneous Game Week is now complete and our Round of 16 Bracket is set. There were many surprises, many “no-duh’s”, and mostly pure dramatic goodness. I’m currenty reporting live from a very rainy Universal Studios, Florida. But the lightning, ultraviolet rays, and Universal employee who misspelled my name on my pass so that I get frisked on my way into the park everyday CANNOT STOP SOCCER KNOWLEDGE.




If you haven’t been tuning in to the World Cup and still aren’t sure if you want to watch anything other than the USMNT play Belgium then let me give you a reason: Miguel Herrera.

The Mexico manager is a one man GIF machine.

In the match against Crotia, which decided whether Mexico would be drummed out of the World Cup or move on to the Knockout Round, he was the whole spectrum of a Telemundo Soap Opera. Uncontrollable Anger, Complete Elation, and Physical  Lust. Just stand back and enjoy:

And then in slo-mo….


All in all we here at DudeYouCrazy are excited for nothing more than the the fact that we get Miguel Herrera vs. THE NETHERLANDS for Mexico’s World Cup life. It’s gonna be great.



Sam Franco’s beloved Ecuador finished in a 0-0 draw with France, a pretty good result considering that France has been blitzing pretty much everyone they play.

All they needed was for Honudras to CONCACAF (still a verb haterz) Switzerland and they would be through to the Knockout stages.

Instead, Honduras got filled full of more holes than Swiss cheese by the Swiss. (Get it? do you get it?) And poor Ecuador, who have looked lethal through two matches thus far, are going home much too early.

While the US did get through, Sam’s dream week couldn’t come to full fruition. Thus, we need a new GIF:

Sorry Sam. I promise this isn’t because you called me a communist and a pirate.



And what do we say to the Group of Death?

Yes, the USMNT pulled off an incredible run to skirt past the gaping jaws of the Group of Death. Sadly, this achievement is lessened a bit by some of the more miraculous runs of the tournament (Costa Rica and Greece) as well as the fact that the USMNT looked close to dominant in its game vs. Portugal. Make no mistake, however, this is one of the greater victories of US soccer.



After Wilfried Bony proved to everyone in the Premier League that he is worth the money, the Ivory Coast defense decided to upend a Greek player standing in the middle of the box in full view of the referee with less than a minute to go in the game.

Watch for the knee-level trip….

Georgios Samaras, a player we gave kudos to in the first week of the World Cup for insisting that the ref NOT call a penalty, drilled the PK home and sent the Elephants to their fiery doom. Ivory Coast’s golden generation of Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, Didier Drogba, and Gervinho look as though they will never bring their World Cup aspirations to fruition.


And my bracket is busted.


But never fear, I have a new winner to predict on an upcoming podcast so all you haterz can just chillax for a second, ya heard? (I don’t really know how to use, “ya heard” in a sentence. Did I do it right?)



The US advanced on a loss to Germany in floody Recife (though the pitch was somehow miraculously well-drained. Good stuff, FIFA). They now face Belgium, a team who has underachieved at this World Cup for all the hype they have been generating for the past two years. They will face a Belgian squad without Steven Defour, who was given a Red Card in their match against South Korea yesterday. Defour will be the least of the USMNT’s worries though, as Belgium’s stable of talent still holds players the likes of….

Eden Hazard

Adnan Januzaj


Romelu Lukaku


Vincent Kompany


and Thomas Vermaelen




Still. We have this guy.



If you had sat down with myself and four other Liverpool fans we probably would have told you that the only way for Luis Suarez could have a bad World Cup FOR US was to get injured.

Or to bite someone again.


Well, shit.


Yeah, Suarez did that thing he does and took a chunk out of Chiellini’s shoulder, and he was subsequently (and RIGHTLY) banned for the rest of the World Cup. He was also banned for all soccer activities for the next four months, which is awkward for we Liverpool fans because the season starts in two months.

Apparently when people told him to keep his hands to himself as a child they neglected to mention that his mouth was not an acceptable substitute….



I mean like really….


Really good….


Which means….



If the top seeds advance (and at this World Cup that is not even remotely a guarantee) this will be Brazil’s road to the World Cup Final:

1. Chile, 2. Colombia, 3. Germany, 4. Netherlands or Argentina.

If Brazil wins this tournament it will be because they are truly the best team in the World.


9. DIE TIES DIE!!!!!!! MURICA!!!!!!

Ties are now dead. Rejoice! From here on out there will be a winner and a loser for each match. This also means that the penalty kick shootout comes into play after 30 minutes of added time have expired. This is certainly the most entertaining way to decide a game but has no semblance of fairness whatsoever. We college football fans feel your pain, soccer fans.



In lieu of giving you a big post on which matches to watch and why I’ll just give you a short rundown here. I’m going to go in chronological order because some of the best games are TOMORROW and I want you all to be prepared.

1. Brazil vs. Chile – TOMORROW, Noon.

Chile has been great. Wright Thompson wrote something exquisite about them that makes me want to root like hell for them. Furthermore, Brazil could very well lose and that will be a sight to behold.

2. Colombia vs. Uruguay – TOMORROW, 4 PM

Sure they have no Suarez but Uruguay is still a force to be reckoned with, and Colombia are looking every bit like the dark horse that could win it all. It will be worth your time, guys.

3. Mexico vs. Netherlands – 6/29, Noon.

The Dutch look ready to steal this tournament. They have drawn the easier side of the bracket, what with Argentian’s Sergio Aguero going down for the tournament and no other real force to speak of coming out of the right side of the bracket. Push through Costa Rica and Argentina and you are back in the World Cup final for the second straight time.

But then there is El Tri…

Now, don’t fool yourself. I hate Mexico. I want them to lose every game that isn’t going to make CONCACAF look bad. We have now crossed that threshold and I will hoping Robben and Van Persie troll Mexico to a 10-0 defeat.

But don’t be surprised if Mexico—a team that pushed Brazil to the brink in their second match—takes Holland all the way down to the wire. Be in front of a TV for this one, people.

4. USMNT vs. Belgium – 7/1, 4 P.M.

Duh. Steel yourselves. This could be pure euphoria or absolute Red Wedding level tragedy. This team does nothing in between.


That’s it. You can expect your weekly grab-bag of GIF’s and ALL CAPS as we move throughout each round.

It’s single elimination time so, as always…




Georgia Football: Friday Freakout – This Clemson Game is Scary

Some random thoughts that crossed my mind this morning…

As excited as I may be about the return of Georgia football and a season-opening grudge match, I can’t say I’m overly optimistic about the Dawgs’ chances against Clemson.  It’s still early, and these sentiments may change drastically once fall camp opens up, but for now I’m worried.

One wold be foolish to expect anything other than a prolific offense out of the Tigers in 2014.  Tajh Boyd is gone, yes.  Sammy Potkins is gone, certainly.  Martavis Bryant is gone, no doubt.  Roderick McDowell is gone, fasho.  But none of that matters given:

  • Chad Morris is still the offensive coordinator.
  • A respectable 700ish rushing yards returns.
  • Playmaker gonna play, and playmakers gonna play receiver for Clemson.
  • Chad Morris still the offensive coordinator.
  • 49 career starts (not overwhelming, but doable) return from five guys return on the line.
  • Chad Morris is still the offensive coordinator.

These concerns are compounded by the fact that we still – as of damn-near July – have no clue who’s going to line up in Georgia’s secondary.  Open competition is great and Jeremy Pruitt may prove to be great, but who’s playing corner other than (presumably) Damian Swann?  J.J. Green the former running back? Devin Bowman or Sheldon Dawson? A new guy?  We assume Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger will be the dudes anchoring the safety position but let’s not forget that these two failed to permanently lockdown starting spots in last year’s horrific defensive backfield.

Offensively, Georgia’s going to be ready, but breaking in a largely new (but plenty large) offensive line shouldn’t be overlooked.  Nor should Clemson’s defense.  The Tigers might have the best defensive line on Georgia’s schedule this season.  Four returning lineman registered 10+ tackles-for-loss last season.  Vic Beasley was beastly (23 TFL, 13 sacks, 6 pass break-ups, 4 forced fumbles) against Georgia and everyone else and he’ll be back.

This is a tough game.  A really tough game.

South Carolina – a team that lost the best quarterback in its program’s history (Connor Shaw), its best offensive playmaker (Bruce Ellington), and the best player in in the history of its athletic department (Clowney) – is getting lots of attention this offseason, but this Clemson team cannot be looked past.

I can’t wait for this season.  But I’d take an FCS program in Week 1…I’m not even gonna lie to you.


That’s all I got/


The NBA Draft Live Blog

Well folks, it was fun. If you are logging on on Friday, June 27th and have not followed the NBA Draft, I would highly suggest starting from the bottom. Thank you to Twitter, a few buddies chiming in via text, and Avery Brewing Company’s Maharaja IPA for keeping the first-ever DudeYouCrazy NBA Draft Live Blog afloat.

There will be NBA pods from Palmer and I in the next few days, because the best player on the planet is technically a free agent. Otherwise, get ready for some football, as we are set to preview the SEC as nobody has done it before.

Have a night!

10:46 PM: I said, two hours ago,


Kyle Anderson, UCLA: he could literally play the 2, 3, or 4 in the NBA. Wait, how was UCLA not good last year?

Effing Spurs.

10:45 PM: Pick for steal of the draft: whomever is taken at 30. Feeling K.J. McDaniels from Clemson.

10:41 PM: Punmaster Hunter texts me that I’ve been missing Rece Davis puns all night.
1) RE: Clint Capela from Switzerland: “Most people are neutral on him, but the Rockets hope the pick won’t be a Swiss Miss”
2) Promo for Uruguay/Colombia World Cup matchup: “a match you can really sink your teeth into”

Thank you, Hunter, for saving the end of this liveblog (which appears at the top of the post).

10:40 PM: OKC is SUPER making sure they can pay Westbrook and Durant the max and everyone else the minimum for eternity, huh?

Josh Heustis. I guess? He can replace Thabo Sefolosha?

10:36 PM: This is how I know we’re dead here, folks:

10:30 PM: I’m not that funny, so big shout to Twitter for hopefully keeping this bad boy afloat. BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC TO THE SUNS, Y’ALL!

10:25 PM: Palmer and I discussed PJ to the Hawks earlier today. I feel even better about it now.


10:22 PM: Nothing else objective happens here tonight.

10:15 PM: Clint A-Capela to Houston at 25. Someone on ESPN called him the highest upside player in this draft. Which means, much in the way of Maciej Lampe, we’ll never hear from him again.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Let’s try this again! #PJtoCharlotte (actually hearing this is a go)

10:11 PM: I haven’t had any sources deny this. Dead silence in Charlotte.

Palmer ain’t heard.

10:08 PM: Didn’t hate Shabazz Napier to Charlotte, but he’s an INSTANT upgrade over ‘Rio and Norris Cole. AND, at 22, he’s the youngest player on the roster by FOUR YEARS!

10:05 PM: Let’s do this, Charlotte.

10:03 PM: Rodney Hood could COULD be a steal for Utah at 23. BUT… apparently he slipped because he has crippling anxiety that hit him before games and pre-draft workouts.

9:59 PM: ANOTHER guy from UCLA I’ve never heard of? What in the…? With nothing more to go on, I assume Memphis already has this exact guy in Quincy Pondexter.

9:52 PM: Mitch McGary to OKC? Isn’t that what you did with Steven Adams last year? Another big who can’t stretch the floor for Durant and Westbrook?

9:45 PM: Some Brazilian dude. He reminds me of Antetokuonmpo a little bit in that he’s tall, skinny, athletic, and nobody has any clue who he is. And yes, I had to Google how to spell ‘Antetokuonmpo’.

9:36 PM: So every time I go to embed a Tweet or video, I keep thinking it says ‘Embiid Tweet’ and I chuckle.

I suck.

9:33 PM: Tyler Ennis, unflappable.


9:32 PM: Yo, #throwbackThursday has made it to ESPN. THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE WROUGHT, MILLENNIALS.

9:26 PM: With James Young, the Celtics have had the best draft thus far. And Bill Simmons just got arrested for indecent exposure in public.


9:21 PM: With the 16th pick, Chicago takes a guy who will never play in the NBA on Denver’s behalf, further underscoring Doug McDermott’s VAST NBA value.

HALFTIME! In honor of the last thing to transpire…

9:17 PM: Damn, NBA. Making it dusty in here with Payne followed directly by the Isaiah Austin tribute.

9:10 PM: Adriean Payne to Atlanta. A legit big ole 4 with range out to 20 feet, with a heart of gold. Seriously. 

Palmer feels good about it.

9:08 PM: Heh.

9:04 PM: T.J. Warren scored 25 a game last year? Damn. Still couldn’t beat Carolina.

Jay Williams: “I read an article where you were the best player we’ve never heard of.”
T.J.: “It happens when you play at N.C. State.”



Kyle Anderson, UCLA: he could literally play the 2, 3, or 4 in the NBA. Wait, how was UCLA not good last year?

P.J. Hairston, UNC Texas Legends: still, IMO, the best 2 in this draft. 6’5 230 with a ridiculous J.

T.J. Warren, N.C. State: dude. gets. buckets.

TRADE: Elfrid Payton for Dario Saric. Carry on, doesn’t move the needle.

8:57 PM: This is insanely accurate.


8:54 PM: The mock from the 6:37 PM update was one of those “holy crap” spot-on’s. Nailed the Fran Vasquez part too.

8:51 PM: Internet porn references on the NBA Draft broadcast. Never seen that in the lottery before.

8:44 PM: The McDermott comps are SLAYING me, man. Szczerbiak! Morrison! Galinnari! McDermott! America!

And he just compared HIMSELF to Wally Szczerbiak.

8:42 PM: Our #postracial Editor-in-Chief. Proud to be a part of DYC.

And, hey Denver:

8:36 PM: See, SEC, this is why you suck at basketball. A top-10 pick just came out of UL-Lafayette. With great hair.

8:29 PM:

THE CURSE OF THE BOBCATS IS LIFTED. (Note: I have never seen Noah Vonleh play.)

8:26 PM: DudeYouPodcast soccer mercenary Sam Franco texts: “on a scale of 1 to last year when y’all drafted Zeller*, how pissed are you about to be?”


* things were said at the Blind Pig in Athens that I still don’t regret.

Buddy Sean chimes in: “You’ll find me hanging from the ceiling fan if we take McDermott”

8:22 PM: Rece Davis just used “Sacramento Kings” and “stability” in the same sentence without the words “lack” “have no” or any other negative. What?


8:17 PM: And the Celtics and Lakers take the two guys I wanted to fall to Charlotte. I hate the NBA.

/Prepares self for McDermott

//Prepares to watch Noah Vonleh go to Sacto.


8:14 PM: 6’3 227? LAWD. Fans, don’t mess with this man.

8:12 PM: Hey Boston, you’ve had success with white guys before! Please take Doug McDermott!

8:09 PM: I’m genuinely excited to watch Dante Exum play. Great analysis by the female ESPN suit there: “Your son actually decided to FOREGO college.” #5 overall pick, probably a good call.

8:04 PM: 

8:01 PM: ESPN, we won’t get mad if Jalen Rose accidentally has a microphone malfunction for the rest of the first round. Go ahead.

7:59 PM: Whoa. Tyrus Thomas 2.0 comes in only 2.0 spots below Tyrus Thomas.

7:58 PM: So, Exum to Orlando and a fearsome, athletic backcourt with two not-natural points in Exum and Oladipo, right?

7:54 PM: LOL PHILLY. Embiid looks pissed, Philly uses their redshirt system and now has two injured centers who don’t have marketable offensive skill, and Bilas tips his cap to the WINGSPAN drinking game. God bless the NBA Draft.

7:52 PM: Jabari Parker reppin’ Chicago for Milwaukee. I see you.

7:47PM: EPIPHANY: Jabari Parker is only one year older than Mallory Edens. Do with that what you will.

7:44 PM: I failed you, DYC readers. DRINKING GAMES! The obvious Bilas “long” comments, but ALSO PLAYERS’ SUITS! On queue, Wiggins namedrops his designer. /finishes first beer.

7:41 PM: Damn. Good pick for Cleveland though. He’ll be able to contribute on D right away, either alongside Irving in the backcourt or with Irving/Waiters.

Next, we get to hear about the great job Mike Krzyzewski did grooming Jabari Parker to a first-round tourney loss. #SHADE

7:38 PM: God, this sounds like my sentiment on Cleveland ruining Johnny Manziel. But please, Cleveland, PLEASE don’t take Andrew Wiggins, my favorite player in this draft. Please.

7:32 PM: If you had cheers, you win a lot of money!

6:57 PM: UNDERRATED STORYLINE: the reaction to Adam Silver in his first draft as Commish.
-140: Typical loud booing and chanting, because New Yorkers are a pain in the ass.
+195: Mixed boos and cheers because he’s not David Stern.
+375: Cheers for showing nads the way his predecessor couldn’t by ousting Donald Sterling.
+685: Dan Gilbert runs onto the stage shouting BABA BOOEY and drafts Johnny Manziel #1.
+13,265: In a surprise move, Isiah Thomas fails up to Commissioner of the NBA.

6:52 PM: Chris Broussard (who has serious sources, you guys) says this could be the most volatile draft ever. So logic applies that this might actually get boring. Regardless, I’m going to pick up some food, some beer, and IT. IS. ON.

6:37 PM: This was too good to pass up, but is as accurate a mock draft as I’ve seen.

5:47 PM: Welcome to the NBA Draft, possibly the most entertaining night on the NBA calendar. Pundits tout tonight’s draft as the best since the LeBron/Darko/Melo/Wade/Bosh gamechanger of 2003, except none of the players who will be drafted tonight have the pedigree of any of those guys.

Why is this the most fun event of the NBA year? Bill Simmons pretty much nails it here. Teams will mortgage their futures, sabotage their presents, and make unthinkable trades like only NBA execs can.


You brought this upon yourself, Palmer.

So, barring the following scenarios: 1) Jason has crashed the whole DYC server following a mass conversion to soccer fanhood; 2) an intoxicated Andrew Hall sabotages; or 3) the Hornets draft Doug McDermott; I’m with you through the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft.

World Cup: Not the Hype Post You Deserve but the One You Need Right Now

It was always going to end this way.

You knew it as soon as you saw the Group of Death opening it’s oppressive jaws and smelt it’s putrid breath of sauerkraut and whatever the hell delicacy Ghanians are famous for.

That faint whiff of hair gel and 12-pack abs was never the real problem. There was a witch doctor afoot. A shaman of a soccer team that bore down a decade’s worth of a curse on our fledgling effort to become a part of the world’s sport.

But even that wasn’t the problem.

We hired the Dr. Frankenstein of soccer in Jurgen Klinsmann. He’d been doing an inhuman experiment but we foolishly believed the beast would never come back to haunt us.

Fools, all of us.

The beast—attacking German football—has come to collect its reckoning.

It was never going to be the hairdo. Or the curse.

It was always going to come down to the Germans.

And now you people want to tie them?!

Are you American? Have you never seen an Indiana Jones movie? Is defeating the Germans not seared into your patriotic subconscious?

We don’t tie the Germans. We either win with them as our new allies or we inundate them to death with a tsunami of freedom and justice.

If you want a tie then go back to England. They tie the Germans in the World Cup all the time. Google it and see how it worked out for them.

But that’s not where this is coming from, is it? You have plenty of ‘Murcia in your heart.

The problem is this: you still think we’re the team that HAS to tie the Germans.

You think we’re a Johnny-come-lately, oh look a soccer team, World Cup minnow of a team.

Wake up.

That’s not who we are anymore.

We’re a gotdamn rattlesnake. A predator lying in wait for any and all who would imagine they could pass unmolested. We have been waiting for this moment forever. We’ve been building our snake hole in this swampy cesspool of a sport for this one moment: the moment you decided to tread, bitch.

We’re not the team that ties the Germans. We’re the team that strikes their heel and slithers away, knowing they’ll either be crippled or die slowly.

We’re the team that stands toe to toe with the Germans and hands them their first loss.

And it won’t be a miracle. It’ll be because that’s who we are.

We’re not the team that ties the Germans, anymore.

Embrace it.

And ante the f*ck up.



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