On That Clippers Sale

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has signed an agreement to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 million billion.

To clear the first hurdle: Yes, he can afford it.  The 58-year old has a net-worth in excess of $20 billion.  So put yourself in his shoes. Take your life’s saving and pretend you wouldn’t spend 10% of it to own a professional sports franchise.  I would.

But Ballmer’s ridiculous purse is terrible for the National Basketball Association.  Why?  Because he overpaid (albeit in an open market) and by doing so may have just opened the floodgates for NBA owners (even the “good” ones) to ride a money train that only stops when a healthy majority of the league’s teams are owned by the highest bidders.

Obviously, the Clippers have a few things going for them as a franchise.  They’re in LA and they have two legitimate stars in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.  But Ballmer bought this team at what could be its on-court peak.  Sure, the Clippers have been above .500 in each of the past three seasons, but outside of that, they’ve only been above .500 two other times since moving to LA in 1984.

  • .573 in 2005-06
  • .549 in 1991-92

Before that?  They were .378 over six seasons as the San Diego Clippers.  They lost an average of 50 games per season in eight years as the Buffalo Braves.

I don’t know about you guys, but it feels an awful lot like Ballmer just bought the Clip-show at a peak in on-court performance and even with the recent rise, he paid too much.





This could get weird, fast.

But hey, Donald Sterling’s gone.  That’s a good thing.


That’s all I got/


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