How Did A.J. McCarron Slip to the 5th Round?

The 2014 NFL Draft was a vexing one. In a deep (though not top-heavy) quarterback class, only 2 were selected within the first 31 picks. More troubling, however, is the fact that Alabama’s two-time national championship signal caller, A.J. McCarron, was not one of those two. As a matter of fact, he was not one of the first eight drafted. It doesn’t make sense to me. Let’s review McCarron’s credentials and sit in utter shock as we try to comprehend how he lasted until the 5th round.

He’s A Great Teammate

“Through my college years I’ve never been cocky,” McCarron said. “I’ve always given respect to my teammates before myself.”

This is fact. Quotes attributed to McCarron after Alabama’s Sugar Bowl loss led one to believe that the younger players on Alabama’s roster hadn’t bought in, and felt a sense of entitlement as Alabama players.

Absolutely no disrespect.

As McCarron and his agent told every media outlet that he “had received a first-round grade from pretty much every team” and that he would be gone between picks 16 and 35, we saw the good A.J.: a skinny 6’3 pocket passer who could escape the pocket if necessary. While he doesn’t have requisite NFL arm strength, that’s okay. He’s a guy who went 36-4 during his time in college, which automatically a great NFL QB makes. Just look at Ken Dorsey Vince Young Matt Leinart Troy Smith Tim Tebow. ALL HAVE THE MOXIE OF NCAA CHAMPIONS!

He’s A Wonderful Decision Maker


What he’s trying to say here is that he will put the Bengals on his back, because his chest is full.

Had he been given the opportunity to learn under PR master extraordinaire Lane Kiffin, as Alabama’s remaining QB’s have, his thought processes would have been so much clearer.

He Wins Despite The Talent Around Him


Where this clip from a Signing Day 2014 article buries the lede is here: ALABAMA HAS HAD CLASSES THAT ONLY FINISHED 3RD NATIONALLY SINCE 2008. Saban has clearly lost control of his recruiting.

He’s Been Raised a Winner…

…has no Oedipus Complex, and is not an attention whore and has no desire to be around attention whores.

In Summary

A.J. McCarron, future Super Bowl Champion, steal of the draft.

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