Georgia Football: Daryl Jones is out as On-Campus Recruiting Director…I don’t think it matters

Here’s the thing about on-campus recruiting directors: they’re logistics guys.

Their job is to do the legwork on recruit research (likes, dislikes, interests, possible majors, etc.), handle schedules, make sure everyone is picked up, make sure everyone’s in the right place at the right time,etc.  That’s an important—and difficult—job.  Hell, I couldn’t do it.

But somebody else can.

I think Jones did a fine job (outside of the time he sent some mail a day early), but I don’t think Georgia’s going to notice he’s gone—at least not outside of the typical hassle that accompanies replacing an employee.  I doubt he has an overwhelmingly close relationship with any 2015 targets, because that’s not his job.  I doubt any current players are second-guessing their stay in Athens, because it’s not his job to be that close to them.

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