Graphic Post: The Atlanta Braves and the Most Important Baseball Story You’ll Read All Year



After a long, unintentional hiatus – I’m back.  At least for now.  Pardon my lack of progress.  In the meantime, here’s an extra hot sports take (or delivery as it may be).


The Atlanta Braves play baseball this time of year, and that matters to me because I enjoy cheap pizza delivered right to my doorstep.  While I might not watch a complete nine inning game all television all year, I will enjoy the fruits of harvest when the Braves’ bats are hot.


Because every single time the Braves score six or more runs Braves fans—and non-fans alike—can get an entire order from Papa John’s for half-price the following day.  Seriously.  Here’s how that discount works:

  1. Order online or via the Papa John’s App with the coupon code “Braves6”.

That’s it.

But what does this discount mean for your wallet?  Take a look at this…




But do the Braves every score six or more runs?  Yes.  Yes, they do. They’ve done it several times this year already.

Pizza not to scale.

Pizza not to scale.


Stay pizza-y, my friends.


That’s all I got/



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