March Madness: Upset Schedule for Thursday’s Opening Round Action

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At DudeYouCrazy we root for two teams: the Dawgs and the Underdogs.  And sometimes Chad roots for the North Carolina Tar Heels.  But it’s whatever.

So, while I know everyone already read Chad’s eloquent preview and everyone’s already joined our March Madness Mastery Contest***, we know you might want a little more.  You’ll tell us you want a viewing guide so that you can watch all the games, but you really only care about the upsets.

In light of that, here’s a comprehensive list of potential upsets for today (all times ET – a.k.a. correct):


  • Dayton (11) will look to upset Ohio State (6) beginning at 12:15 PM on CBS.
  • American University (15) (also USA! USA!) will look to stun Wisconsin (2).  Tip-off is at 12:40 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Pittsburgh (9) over Colorado (8) is technically an upset.  The game launches at 1:40 PM on TBS.
  • Harvard (12) over Cincy (5) would be nerdular.  Tune in at 2:10 PM on TNT.
  • Western Michigan (14 seed, bleakest place on earth) will try to upset ‘Cuse begginning at 2:45 PM on CBS.
  • BYU (10) takes on Oregon (7) at 3:10 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Can Albany (16) pull off a monumental upset over Florida (1)? No.  But watch at 4:10 PM on TBS.
  • Delaware (13) will try to upset Michigan State (4) and prove that 13-over-4 is the new 12-over-5 on TNT at 4:40 PM.
  • At 6:55 PM St. Joseph’s (10) will try to become the first Saint to pull off an upset in the 2014 Tourney by defeating UConn (7) on TBS.
  • If Wofford (15) beats Michigan (2) it would be considered an upset.  That riveting matchup is on CBS at 7:10 PM.
  • NC State (12) will beat St. Louis (5).  You heard it here.  Tune in at 7:20 PM on TNT to watch the upset of the night.
  • North Dakota State (12)—or NDakState as they’re better known—will not upset Oklahoma (5) at 7:27 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).
  • Milwaukee’s Best (15) will be bested by Villanova (2) on TBS at 9:25 PM.
  • Arizona State (10) might beat Texas (7) because those numbers are somewhat close.  That game’s on CBS at 9:40 PM.
  • Manhattan (13) gets the unfortunate draw of Louisville (4).  Don’t watch.  But if you do, watch on TNT at 9:50 PM.
  • New Mexico State (13) and San Diego State (4) gets the late game at 9:57 PM on truTV (that’s a real network apparently).  Go figure.


***Dude’s Note: In reality some 2200 unique visitors have come to the site since we announced the March Madness Mastery Contest.  Only 27 are currently registered?  What is that?  It’s free.  There are prizes.  It’s free!  Join here.



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