Georgia Football: How the “Theft by Deception” Interrogation Likely Went Down and What We Can Gather from the Arrest of Four Dawgs

Here’s What We Know:

The following Bulldogs were booked last night in Athens-Clarke County jail:

  • Tray Matthews
  • Uriah LeMay
  • John Taylor
  • James Deloach

They were all charged with “Theft by Deception.”  The victim was the university athletic department.

Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph shares the scoop thusly:

Three of the players are charged with what amounts to double-dipping: Each allegedly took normal stipend checks from UGA and deposited them via a mobile app, and then also cashed them somewhere else, according to UGA chief of police Jimmy Williamson. A fourth player is charged with taking his roommate’s deposited stipend check and cashing it.

My Take
Two things stand out.
  1. Don’t ever accuse Georgia of being down with players getting under-the-table cash.  They’ll take this kind of crap to the police.
  2. Speaking of which…why couldn’t this have been handled internally?

It seems like the quickest fix would have been to have the players pay the money back and face some kind of unimaginable “physical conditioning” after a practice or early in the morning.

If I’m those players, I’m playing dumb.  I hope the initial questioning went something like this…

Officer: Mr. Matthews you are under arrest for Theft by Deception?

Tray Matthews: What’s that?  That sounds made up.  Isn’t theft by its very nature somewhat deceptive?

Officer: You’ve been depositing checks via  a mobile device and cashing them as well.  That’s Theft by Deception.

Matthews: Oh, I see what you’re saying officer.  That does make sense now that I think about it.  The app kept freezing up though, so I didn’t think my check was going through.  And when I told my roommate about what was happening he told me to grab his check out of the trash and take it to be cashed because he’d been using that app too.  Technology…more harm than good sometimes, wouldn’t you agree, officer?”

Officer: Ain’t that the truth…wait, what?  I’m not agreeing with you.  You never noticed the excess cash in your bank account?

Matthews: While I appreciate your refusal to stereotype me as a college student, I do need to remind you…college kids don’t check their bank accounts.  We use mobile apps because that’s easy.  But we don’t look at numbers or anything.  Have you seen the national figures on personal debt of college graduates?  It’s alarming.

Officer: But I’m still charging you with Theft by Deception.

Matthews: No, Theft by Deception is like what that kid from the Social Network did with Woody Harrelson when they stole that bank vault in that one flick.  Hey LeMay, what was that movie called?

Uriah LeMay: “Now You See Me”

Officer: Now I see you do what?  Are you deceptively thieving again?  You’re all under arrest.  Book ’em.

That’s all I got/


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