Georgia Bulldogs Football: Spring Practice Primer

Over at Bleacher Report, I’ve already begun covering Georgia’s Spring Practice.

While things don’t get underway until tomorrow, here are four articles (and four summaries if you don’t have time) to prime you for this spring.


Georgia’s Most Intriguing Player to Watch this Spring:

Hutson Mason, a fifth year senior, will be the most compelling individual during spring ball.  Sure, to an extent we know what we’re getting: knowledge of the playbook, strong arm, etc.  But for Mason to take the next step he needs to demonstrate a stronger command of the offense and build chemistry with his receivers.  In his two career starts, those attributes were lacking.

Against Georgia Tech, he manufactured an incredible comeback.  That comeback was necessary because Georgia didn’t score for 29 minutes to open the game.  Against Nebraska he almost capped another fantastic comeback, but dropped balls (many were well thrown) stunted late game drives.

If he can improve in those two areas, he can be an All-SEC passer given the talent around him.

Read more on Hutson Mason here.


J.J. Green May be the Most Important Newcomer on Georgia’s Defense

That’s a bold statement.  But keep in mind that Green was not merely a guy hanging around on offense in 2013—he was a big-time contributor.

  • He accounted for just shy of 500 yards on 80 offensive touches.
  • He bailed Georgia out in a big way against Tennessee when Marshall went down and Gurley was out (129 yards on 17 carries).
  • He put up 129 yards of offense the following week in a loss to Mizzou.

Combine those true freshman measurables with the fact that Keith Marshall will not participate in spring practice and Todd Gurley’s immediate availability is on the rocks, and Green could have been the guy at running back this spring and presumably Gurley’s top backup when the season opens.

His move to defense is indicative of Georgia’s commitment to fielding its best athletes on the defensive side of the ball.  Expect him to compete.

Read more about J.J. Green’s move to defense here.


Top 5 Concerns Heading Into Spring Practice

Everyone has concerns heading into spring.  Here are the five biggest for Georgia in my opinion:

  1. Offensive Line Cohesion: Replacing 109 starts from Kenarious Gates, Dallas Lee and Chris Burnette is no small feat.  Georgia must get individuals who gel collectively established this spring.
  2. Defensive Backfield Personnel: Georgia must find two (at least) more viable cornerbacks and must develop depth at the safety position now that Josh Harvey-Clemons is gone.
  3. Todd Gurley’s Health:  What really matters is that Gurley is 100% in the fall.  Georgia needs to do whatever is necessary this spring to ensure that.
  4. Pass Rush Progression: The pass rush was respectable last year, but at no point did Ray Drew, Jordan Jenkins and Leonard Floyd seem to click at the same time.  More consistency from all three can make this defensive line one of the most feared in the SEC.
  5. Hutson Mason: New quarterback continuing to find his own leadership style.

Read more about these concerns here.


Week 1 Spring Practice Stock Report

Catch up on the latest news, position battles, storylines and even Georgia spring break right here.



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