Georgia Bulldogs Basketball: SEC Tournament Outlook for the Dawgs

What’s a tournament without an annotated bracket?

sec tournament

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Mark Fox and Co. have to be feeling pretty good about themselves.  They’ve already been declared “The Good Guys” by the completely unbiased analytical breakdown above.  They got a two-round bye in the tourney.  Now, they’ll be taking on the winner of the Egg Bowl.


The Potential Opponents

Ole Miss is the higher seeded team and the heavy favorite in tonight’s semi-quarter final (octafinal???) matchup.  Unfortunately for the Rebels, Ole Miss has never ever beaten Georgia. This year.  In one matchup Georgia outscored the Oxford Rebs by 1.67% en route to a decisive 61-60 home win at Stageman Coliseum.   Ole Miss is 18-13 overall this year and 9-9 in the SEC.

Mississippi State, the worst team in the SEC according to trivial things like conference record, upset Vanderbilt last night to advance in round one.  The Bulldogs from Starktrill have suffered to setbacks at the hands of the Bulldogs from Athens.  Georgia defeated Miss. St. 75-55 on the road and 66-45 at home just last week.  Mississippi State is 14-18 overall and 4-15 in SEC play, but one of their wins was against Ole Miss in January.


Who do Georgia fans want to root against tomorrow night?

There’s one very right answer here: Ole Miss.

Sure, Mississippi State might be the easier opponent for the Dawgs to get by but a team who’s survived a two-round bye shouldn’t be pandering at this juncture.  Ole Miss offers the following:

  1. A respectable opponent.
  2. A villain in Marshall Henderson
  3. Marshall Henderson


How unlikeable is Marshall Henderson?  There really aren’t words, but the numbers help.

This season, three SEC players averaged at least 19 points per game: Jabari Brown (Missouri, 19.7 ppg), Chris Denson (Auburn, 19.1 ppg) and Marshall Henderson (Ole Miss, 19.0 ppg.).

Brown shot 47.3% this year.  Denson shot 46.1%.  Ole Marshall shot 36.0%.

That’s bad.  Really bad.  He’s the quintessential “volume scorer.”  If he shoots enough, he’ll score a lot of points.

Only two players on the entire Ole Miss roster boast a lower field goal percentage than Henderson and one of them hasn’t attempted a field goal all season (hence a 0.0% figure).

Henderson places 11th on the team in field goal percentage but has attempted more field goals than any other Rebel.  87 more.

He’s taken 87 more field goals than Jarvis Summers despite playing 78 fewer minutes and connecting at a much lower rate (Summers hits on 48.3% of his shots.).

Marshall Henderson is “that guy” to the max.

He’s annoying to watch, he’s impossible to root for and he’s got to be a pain to play with.

Let’s hope Georgia gets to see him.  Unless he’s hot on Friday night.


That’s all I got/


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