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Georgia Football: Can Dawgs Replace Offensive Linemen?

Lost in the allure of returning talent, potential points scored and a possible Heisman candidate is the fact that Georgia must replace three starting offensive linemen in 2014.

Nobody seems to be talking about that.

Admittedly, a lot of talent (and some depth) returns so one can assume that the unit will be decent.  But will “decent” make up for 109 graduating starts from Kenarious Gates, Chris Burnette and Dallas Lee?  That remains to be seen.

David Andrew, Kolton Houston and John Theus are back and will likely occupy the center and tackle positions respectively.  The guard spots remain open, however.  Mark Beard could claim one, Watts Dantzler could claim the other.  After that, the list of names shrinks to players with extremely limited on-field experience.

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Georgia Football: What and How Will Aaron Murray and Arthur Lynch Do at the NFL Combine?

In the latest installment of the DudeYouPodcast Daniel Palmer and Jason Smith breakdown Arthur Lynch and Aaron Murray’s NFL Combine opportunities while discussing the combine in general, Jadeveon Clowney and other topics.


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College Football Hero: This One’s Presidential

Add BourbonBrainTrust to your daily read list.  Founded by current DudeYouCrazy writer Jason Smith, two occasional/former contributors (Casey Carpenter and Andy Crawford) and two guys I’ll vouch for, BourbonBrainTrust promises “Thoughts for Southern Gentlemen.”

Today, the BourbonBrainTrust explores President Theodore Roosevelt’s impact on college football.  It’s worth a read if you enjoy college football history or the United States of America.  So you now have no excuse.


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DudeYouPodcast: Lukewarm Sports Takes in the Mid-Week Sports Grab Bag!

Podcast 2

Want hot lukewarm sports takes?  Get your hot  lukewarm sports takes right herrre.

Hot Lukewarm takes include:

  • Jason Smith talking about the death of a tree on a golf course.
  • Chad Floyd talking about a sport that isn’t in season.
  • Andrew Hall talking about a Georgia player who’s not even a Georgia player any more.

We bring the heat!

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Football Offseason: The New Guy’s Darkest Secret

Something has been weighing on my mind for a while now, and I feel like I just have to get it off my chest if I’m going to keep writing for all you wonderful people. Confession is good for the soul, they say. Things are about to get real. Like really real. So here goes.

It all started while I was teaching Middle School Math last year.

I was stressed and depressed to an extent I had never experienced in my life. Most days I hoped that I caught the Flu so I could be out for a week. Then maybe it would turn to pneumonia or scurvy or something that wouldn’t kill me but would keep me out as long as possible. I really hated this job.

Kids who were sick thought it was weird that I wanted to shake their hand, hug them, and pretty breath all the air they were exhaling when they gimped their way into my class. I’m not super proud of that. Clearly, I needed something to get me through all of this.

And “it” was right there…

I didn’t really want to get into it. I knew it wasn’t going to be good for me. But I had to try something. I just needed something, anything, to take the edge off. I needed something to make me feel alive again.

So I tried it.

I didn’t want to like it, but I did.

In fact, I loved it. But I was so ashamed. I had become…

a soccer fan.

What? What did you think I was talking about? Ohhhh…I should have worded that differently.

Don’t worry I’m not going to try to convince you to become a soccer fan. My story is really about something else. It’s about survival.

I became a soccer fan so that I could survive a phenomenon I like to call “Sports Purgatory.”

Sports Purgatory is the period of time that begins the moment the last second of the Super Bowl ticks off the clock and ends when first game of the new football season starts. Like the Catholic Doctrine of old [I’m getting a grad degree in theology and this is the only time I’ve been able to work a theology joke into an article] we are trapped in an “intermediate state” between the hell of never having a football season again and the paradise of opening weekend.

Sure, there are breaks in the clouds. National Signing Day is like the Price is Right for football fans. The Masters is incredible. March Madness is divine. But then they’re gone and all is vanity again.

Your friend and spirit-guide Chad Floyd has already begun a series on surviving the offseason. His pertains mainly to getting your UGA fix on. Here are a few things I think will help you get through the Dark Days of this troubling time once that fix wears off [it has to sometime, right?]. I’ve arranged them in chronological order so you know what to watch when.

We can do this people!

1.) Start Researching your March Madness Bracket Now

March Madness is a glorious release from Sports Purgatory.

But how often do find yourself feeling like this when your bracket gets smashed to hell in the First Round?


All those teams that ruin it for you are playing now. Like right now. Start researching. Find that team you’ve never heard of by tournament time and actually watch them play. Know who the 1-seeds will probably be. Know who’s overvalued at a 7. Know who’s dangerous as a 12-, 13-, or 14-seed.

Will your bracket still get smashed to smithereens on the first day? Hell yes. But at least you’ll feel like you gave it your all.

2.) The NFL Draft 

You were probably already going to watch the Draft this year. If you don’t watch the Draft this should be the year to do it. If you already watch the Draft this should be the year you decide to watch into the later rounds. For UGA fans the thing that will keep you watching is waiting on Aaron Murray to get drafted. Another great story to keep you watching on Days 2 and 3 will be where Michael Sam lands. If the anonymous NFL execs are correct we may be waiting a while.

3.) The World Cup

Yeah I know what I said earlier about not making you a soccer fan, but the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world (and it’ll get you all the way to July!). Why is it the biggest sporting event in the world? Here’s why: imagine if college football only awarded a National Champion every 4 years. Even if you don’t like to watch soccer you are all college football fans so that means you appreciate real drama. Only having a shot at your sport’s highest honor every 4 years creates crazy drama.

Watch the World Cup people. It’ll be good for you.


4.) The U.S. & British Opens

Golf not tennis. Don’t watch tennis unless it’s being played on grass. Speaking of, Wimbledon will not appear on this list. Why? Because the only thing that ever made that event interesting was whether or not a Brit would finally win it. Andy Murray had to ruin that one.

The U.S. Open is one of the best events of the summer. It’s the hardest golf tournament in the world. Nothing will make you feel better about life than watching the best golfers in the world shoot 85.

The British Open won’t have any scores like that, but there will always be someone who is in contention but then drops five shots in those torture chambers they call bunkers on the last hole of the final round. Agony is delicious.

Tiger Woods at a Major be like…


Ok that’s it. Those events will get you to July 20th at which point you’ll already be reading up on depth charts, offseason suspensions, and where the members of the playoff committee get their coffee. You’ll be able to make it from there.

I believe in you. Together we can get through this.



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