Yesterday’s College Football News Today: Really Important Notre Dame News, Texas Booster Apologizes, Braxton Miller Back to Lose More Games

Notre Dame Steps Up in Apparel???

According to ESPN, Notre Dame is moving from Adidas to Under Armour.  Is this a step up?  Does Nike just not give a rip?  I don’t understand.  Under Armour is cool for me to workout in. At home.  But in my mind the apparel manufacturer still lags the appeal of a more universally accepted brand like Nike.

And I know, Auburn and South Carolina wear Under Armour.  That’s great.  Prior to that and up untill 2009 (I think) Russell Athletic provided Auburn and South Carolina’s attire.  That wasn’t a typo.  Russell Athletic is legit though.  When I was in middle school my team wore Russell Athletic.  Russell Athletic hooked the Robertsville Middle School Rams up!

Notre Dame now joins the ranks of South Florida, St. John’s, Northwestern, Utah, Boston College, Texas Tech, Hawaii and Maryland as an “Under Armour” school.  That’s pretty much a murderer’s row of athletic prowess right there.  Including Auburn and South Carolina, the 10 Under Armour schools (not counting Notre Dame) in this article combined for 52 wins over FBS foes in 2013.  That’s killer.


Texas Booster Boo Hoos

Red McCombs who said Charlie Strong would make a good position coach apologized for what he said and promised to help Strong at Texas.

Lost in all of this “controversy” is the fact that Charlie Strong would make a good position coach!  He’s overqualified for that job, but Red was on to something there.


Braxton Miller Back To Lose

How many teams in the country are currently riding two game losing streaks?  There can’t be that many, but Ohio State is one of them.

And, quarterback Braxton Miller has apparently grown fond of losing, so he’s coming back for another season of college football.  God for you, Brax.  Get that education.



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