Daily Dose of Dawg: Lakatos Out, Defense Not That Bad, Todd Gurley Asking Tough Questions


The big news today is obviously Scott Lakatos departure.

Here’s the bad news.

But there could be some good news.  CoachingSearch.com (a go-to site) says that Manny Diaz (former DC at Mississippi State and Texas) could emerge as a candidate for replacement.  Diaz would be an absolute coup.  He’d be an asset with recruiting and extremely qualified.

Meanwhile, Michael Carvell of the AJC says that a JUCO recruit told him Todd Grantham is waiting to hear back from some NFL folk.  PLEASE BE REX RYAN!!!


Total Defense

Bulldawg Illustrated has a list of total defense performance within the SEC (through Bowl Games).

Georgia ranks firmly as mediocre (8th), but more interestinly, the two teams who played in the SECCG ranked 10th (Mizzou) and 12th (Auburn).

Up is down and down is up in the SEC.


Todd Gurley Asks The Tough Questions


That’s all I got/


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