Yesterday’s College Football News Today: Yes! Bobby Petrino News! Jimbo Still Scared of the SEC?

Jimbo Fisher Seizing the Moment

Ole Jimbo Fisher got away with one.  He was lucky to win that BCS National Championship.  Well, maybe “lucky” isn’t the right verbiage, but he was appropriately rewarded for having the best team.  And he’s afraid a playoff might reduce the chances of that happening.

Yesterday, Fisher offered these comments:

How many times was the BCS ever wrong?  How many times did they ever get it wrong in the end?  We’ve still got the same problem.  You’re going to argue over who’s four and five or who’s two and three.  What’s the difference?

At surface level those comments give nothing more than validation for a newly outdated system. But given that Fisher was just one day removed from winning the final BCS Championship, can more be gleaned from his comments?

Jimbo doesn’t seem to merely be saying, “The BCS got it right.”  He seems to be implying, “The BCS got it right.  The new one may not.”  Why else would the coach of the team who was ranked No. 1 heading into the championship and whose team came out victorious give a rip about more teams vying for the title?

While pundits may “argue about who’s four and five or who’s two and three,” as he intimates, perhaps Fisher is worried about who could have been in those slots.

After all, a four-team playoff based on the final BCS rankings this year would have pitted FSU against Michigan State in the semifinal.  A few days later the Seminoles would have faced the winner of an Auburn-Alabama rematch.

That doesn’t sound fun.

He’s Baaaaack

Petrino interviewed at Louisville.  I repeat: Petrino interviewed at Louisville.

They’re Gooooone

Some of the early entrants in the NFL Draft out of the SEC:

  • Odell Beckham, WR. LSU
  • Chris Boyd, WR, Vanderbilt
  • Jadeveon Clowney, Alien, South Carolina
  • Kony “2012” Ealy, DE, Missouri
  • Dominique Easley, DT, Florida
  • Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina
  • Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
  • Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU
  • Vic Hampton, CB, South Carolina
  • Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU
  • Henry Josey, RB, Missouri
  • Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU
  • Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida
  • Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina
  • Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee
  • Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida
  • Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

That’s all I got/


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