Yesterday’s College Football News Today: It’s Tebow Time, Mack Brown Bows Out

Tebow to ESPN

In my mind Tim Tebow already worked for ESPN.  Or maybe ESPN already worked for Tim Tebow.  In any event, I thought the relationship was already established, but it apparently was not seeing as the Tebow/Worldwide Leader combo was formally announced yesterday.  It’s whatever.



Mack Brown Out

Mack Brown was gracefully destroyed by Oregon last night in his final game as coach of the Texas Longhorns.  He ends his Texas career with a 158-47 record.  He had one losing season (a 5-7 campaign in 2010), won the division six times, won the conference twice and won a national title in 2005ish I think (not looking up something that I should know).

Most importantly, however, his potential return to coaching at another school at another time has already been set up perfectly by Mark Morrison.


Bowl Cuts

Navy defeated Middle Tennessee 24-6 in the Armed Forces Bowl as the only Armed Force team defeated civilians.

Ole Miss held off a late surge by Georgia Tech for a 25-17 win.

Texas Tech beat Arizona State’s tail.

I didn’t watch these games.  Can you tell?



That’s all I got/





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