Mike Bobo to Georgia Southern? This is Your Daily Dose of Dawg

Bobo to Georgia Southern

I’m hearing an awful lot about Mike Bobo going to Georgia Southern.  According to FootballScoop.com Bobo has already interviewed for the job.  This is concerning as I’ve come to like Bobo as of late.

Ultimately, however, Bobo-to-Southern just doesn’t make sense to me.  Bobo is arguably underpaid at Georgia (he made $585,000 last year and as this article points out, he torched some much higher paid defensive coordinators).  Georgia Southern’s last head coach, Jeff Monken, made just $260k.  To be sure, the Eagles are likely ready to pony up some cash for a head coach as they transition to FBS, but Bobo could likely push for three times Monken’s pay as a coordinator by staying at Georgia.

Furthermore, I think his stock is very much on the rise.  With all the returning talent next season and the absence of a big-name QB, Bobo could be a hotter commodity this time next year.  If Hutson Mason utilizes his weapons in 2014 and Georgia puts up 35-40 points per game in the first post-Murray year, Bobo will be in high demand as an offensive mind and QB developer.  That, in my opinion, would be the time to make the jump to head coach.


Strength and Conditioning

Interesting take on strength and conditioning over at Bulldawg Illustrated.  I present it without commentary.



If you haven’t picked up on the pattern yet, I’m updating my Bleacher Report Recruiting Piece every single day.  So don’t think I’m shamelessly pushing the same post on you over and over again.  I’m actually shamelessly pushing an updated post over and over again.  Nonetheless, the second slide has updates on Sony Michel, Nick Chubb and Malkom Parrish.  Good stuff from 247Sports.


More Bobo Takes

I was going to write more on Bobo, but Grit Tree already hit it out of the park.  So check this out.



That’s all I got/



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