Can the B1G Do The Impossible?

I have a new favorite storyline of bowl season. After you’re aware of what’s going on, you will too.

Currently, the B1G (current and future members) are 0-4 in postseason play. B1G losses thus far do include a couple of teams you’re used to seeing in the polls and on national TV, such as 6-6 Syracuse and (I don’t have an adjective here…West Virginia’s own?) Marshall.

Additionally, future member Rutgers lost to honorary member Notre Dame in the Big Apple, and Michigan lost to a K-State team that lost to North Dakota St. this year. Of note from the Michigan loss is the following: a third-year record of 7-6 got Rich Rodriguez fired from Michigan just 3 years ago. With a wildly inconsistent to frustratingly unpredictable squad in the Brady Hoke era, did the near miss against Ohio State save his name from the coaching carousel?

Inspired by the following tweet, let’s take a look and see if our favorite conference to trash can set a record for unblemished futility over the next week.

Lucky for the B1G, they have until 2014 to lick their collective wounds. Unfortunately for the B1G, the tweet above don’t lie.

Three games on New Years’ Day feature SEC opponents that are currently higher ranked than any of their B1G foes. Georgia plays Nebraska for the second straight year, Jadeveon Clowney and Connor Shaw finish their South Carolina careers against Wisconsin, and we get to make jokes about Kirk Ferentz being overpaid as the Anthony Jennings era starts for LSU.

By 4:30 pm on Wednesday, I fully expect  the B1G to be 0-7.

With the conclusion of the afternoon games, we get to settle in for what promises to be the most physical Rose Bowl of the last 80 years. B1G champ Michigan State gets a chance to defend the league’s honor against Stanford. These teams are very similar with their physical nature and strong D, but from the eye test (NOTE: usually not reliable!) Stanford does what MSU does better than MSU does it.


Ohio State. Clemson. Personally, I can’t think of a better 26th birthday present than a repeat of this:

Unfortunately, we have to rely on Clemson, fresh off of a good old-fashioned Clemsoning, to take care of business.

For a league whose divisions are named Legends and Leaders, it is time. Be a leader in futility, and have a legendary bowl season. You can do it, Big Ten. All of us in SEC country are rooting for you.

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