Knee Jerk Reactions: Georgia Tech Edition

That was a helluva win for the Bulldogs, and a great first start for Mason and the Georgia offense. I know we ruffled some feathers here by stating that this wasn’t a rivalry, or that we weren’t too excited about the game but we weren’t trying to be dismissive. Ask any Georgia fan, Georgia Tech has fallen behind Tennessee, Florida, Auburn and, depending on the year, South Carolina in the space of fan importance. But, if you ask the Tech faithful, this is the biggest game of the year, big enough to unleash a passing attack for the first time, and to alter coverages JUST FOR THIS GAME. Whatever. The good guys dug a big hole, but they came out on top, the same way they have 12 out of the last 13 times they’ve locked horns. If you ever think that your trusty writer had any doubts…

C’mon man. On to the superlatives.

The Good: 

– Hutson Mason, 2nd quarter through the end edition. The first time starter looked like a seasoned veteran leading the Dawgs down the field at the end of the first half, showing absolute mastery of the 2 minute offense. And he capped that game defining drive with a beautifully thrown screen pass that Todd Gurley (more on him later) took the rest of the way. It felt like that drive inspired not only the guys on the field, but reinforced the faith that Bobo and company had in him from the booth. Playcalling didn’t change all that much, but I know I felt more confident with the offense in third in medium and third and long coming out of halftime.

– Holy Todd Gurley. The question was asked early on as to who would define the identity of the offense with the loss of the unquestioned leader Aaron Murray to season ending ACL surgery, and I think number 3 answered that call quite nicely. Amassing 158 yards on 25 touches and accounting for 4 total touchdowns, he not only set the pace for the offense in the second half, but was great in all phases of the game, especially in pass protection, and with option and swing routes out of the backfield.

– GOD BLESS YOU RUN DEFENSE. They took the challenge of a running attack ranked 5th in the country, averaging more than 315 yards a game, and more than cut it in half. UGA took away the things that Tech loves to do, and looked great doing it. Stopping the triple option isn’t magic or luck, it’s disciplined football, something we all know because we all played high school football.

The Bad:

– Hutson Mason, everything prior to the end of the first half edition. Early on he looked, well, he looked like a quarterback starting his first game. The ball came out alternately too soon or too late, or didn’t come out at all. Protection wasn’t the best early (Koltan Houston strikes again!), but a few of those negative passing plays were on Mason. Glad he shook it off, had a short memory, and was able to finish the game.

– The secondary. I KNOW. Injuries had yet again depleted an already underwhelming position group, but the same problems we saw against Clemson in week one against mobile quarterbacks returned again in this game. Sure, NO ONE expected Vad Lee to toss three big passes in the first quarter, but when the scouting report says that your back 4 peek in the backfield, of course they are going to take a shot. It’s this lack of progression that we’ll be looking at as the season winds down, and try to answer the why as to the improvement in this position group seemed stymied.

The Ugly:

– LOTS of empty seats and a whole lot of red and black in the stands on Saturday in Atlanta. Hey, Georgia Tech. It’s your senior day, and the game against YOUR biggest rival. Mix in a little pride.

– The batted ball that ended the game in the second OT. I had flashbacks, and not the fun kind.

That’s all I can really say about this game: UGA beat a team they were supposed to, and they worked out some of their own issues in the process. Tech, good job, good effort, but never forget:

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  1. Big whoop we beat a second rate program. That had us down by 21 pts. Man you UGA fans will accept any win as a bowl game win. Come on boys your program is not a whole lot better.

  2. Not a big whoop. That was kind of the point of the “not a rivalry” and “indifference” articles last week.

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