Fake Rivalries + NFL Week 13 Picks

All week I’ve been inundated with taunting and teasing by Tech fans who are understandably hyped up for this weekend’s game. I’ve become friends with numerous people who are Tech fans, Tech grads, and Tech football alumni, but as I’ve told them all week, I will never REALLY look forward to this game like our EIC. Personally, I can trace it back to my high school offensive coordinator and o-line coach Joe Koch who implemented a double screen our junior year out of an empty set. The screen to the three receiver side was called Tech and the screen to the two receiver side was called Georgia because, as he said, “It takes three Tech recruits to equal two Georgia recruits.” It was funny then, but it’s even truer now. Every time this year after a Georgia loss, you see twitter littered with the Tech faithful dropping the #THWG. Meanwhile, this is the first time I’ve mentioned Tech on this site, and I can’t tell you what games they’ve lost this year because I genuinely do not care.

I’ve explained the reasons why the triple option offense is bad for the Jackets to all my Tech affiliated friends who will listen, but since we’re here, I’ll entertain you on this turkey day as to why Tech’s dedication to this offense is not only bad for the short-term, but sets the program back years.

Paul Johnson’s offense requires a certain skill set in not only the backfield, but also a very specific type of offensive lineman. Cut first, smaller linemen are recruited, and because these are players not accustomed to either pure run blocking or pass blocking, it limits what can be done by the whole offense. Similarly, the offensive mentality precludes them from recruiting elite passers or receivers, and when the quality of recruits at those positions drop off, it affects the national perception of the program which hinders recruiting further. A lot of the people I have talked to have admitted that Paul Johnson isn’t a long-term solution as a coach in Atlanta, but whoever inherits a squad of undersized linemen, one-dimensional quarterbacks, and less than elite receivers is in for a rough transition.

But hey! I like that the Tech rivalry has transformed into an annual beating, and would like to see the triple option tradition continue as the offense catches teams off guard, but against elite athletes is easily nullified. PAUL JOHNSON COACH FOR LIFE!

Even Wikipedia knows what’s up.

Wikipedia tells the future

Wikipedia tells the future

Here be the picks. Enjoy your turkey day. Home teams, as always, in bold.

Lions (-7) over Packers

Dallas (-9) over Raiders

Steelers (+3) over Ravens

Jaguars (+7) over Browns

Colts (-3) over Titans

Bears (-1) over Vikings

Dolphins (+1) over Jets

Eagles (-3) over Cardinals

Panthers (-9) over Buccaneers

Patriots (-9) over Texans

Falcons (+3.5) over Bills (In Toronto)

Rams (+9) over Niners

Broncos (-5.5) over Chiefs

Chargers (-1.5) over Bengals

Giants (-1.5) over Washington Professional Football Team

Saints (+4.5) over Seattle

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