Four(ish) Keys to Wrecking Tech (for the 12th time out of 13)

More than Florida, Auburn, or Tennessee, I hate Georgia Tech. Not because they’ve been nationally relevant, regionally relevant, or even good. They just bother me. This is a school located right in the center of one of the finest cities in America, and it has NO PRESENCE outside of the occasional “Tech Alumni” license plate frame.

Thing is, while I hate Tech, I also get to laugh at them.

Bobby Dodd Stadium is the worst stadium in which I’ve ever attended a game. For an engineering school, it would stand to reason that the concourses would be wider than 12 feet and higher than 8. I’ve never seen that ridiculous endzone upper deck, which is the largest section of the stadium (not a sideline one), approach capacity.

Sitting in a box overlooking the student section at this year’s game, I counted 13 girls in the entire student section. Oh, and their halftime show was a tribute to math. Math. The jokes write themselves.


But seriously, I’m not that concerned about this game. Just in case, a few keys:

1) Don’t hamstring the offense

Said another way, open the whole playbook to Hutson Mason and play as if #11 is still back there. I have nightmares of not attempting a shot downfield until a desperation Hail Mary against Vanderbilt, and I’m worried about Mike Bobo trying to ‘ease’ Mason into the game. The opposite must be done.

Come out aggressively. I recall a no-huddle attack marching down the field in Athens against a shellshocked Tech D last year, and taking them out of the game by the end of the first quarter. Do the same thing this year, as Tech’s Vad Lee (or, their high school offense in general) doesn’t play from behind very well.

2) Keep the Tech O behind schedule

In ACC play, Clemson, Miami, and Virginia Tech have had success taking away the dive on Tech’s triple option and playing disciplined, match-up football with the ends and outside LB’s, which is exactly how you defend it. The success for those teams is accented when Lee misses the read and hands off on the dive anyway, creating a 2nd and 10-13.

Todd Grantham has had success doing this in the past. However, with this young defense, I’m concerned about going against an offense where defensive discipline is paramount. From point #1, an early lead will help, as a one-handed offense (haven’t used that term in awhile!) will have to play left-handed (i.e. pass when they’ve thrown for a total of 1316 yards all year (said another way, Vad Lee’s season high of 189 yards would be Aaron Murray’s third-worst of the season, including the Kentucky game).

3) Special Teams


4) Handle the atmosphere…?

Seriously, with Murray out, Tech fans have come out of the woodworks and are convinced this is their year this decade to beat the Dawgs. But, no. This part is a joke. Account for Paul Johnson’s desperation by watching your back on punt situations, take the crowd out early, and hang about 60 points.

Go Dawgs.

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