A Feeble Tribute to Aaron Murray

Bleacher Report asked me to write a tribute to Aaron Murray.  In theory, this should have been the easiest article I’ve ever written.  Murray’s career directly coincided with my writing “adventure” (or whatever this is), so there’s certainly no shortage of statistics, moments, games, stories, etc. upon which I could expound.  But this was really, really difficult.

Part of the challenge was reducing what Murray meant to Georgia fans to just a few paragraphs.  The problem with record-setting quarterbacks who also happen to be good guys is that they tend to do more than you can say.

The other facet of the article that challenged me was the harsh reality that Murray’s career ended so abruptly.  My collection of insights about Murray that ran Friday was (at the time) appropriately titled, “Remembering Aaron Murray…While He’s Still Here.”  It was supposed to be a Senior Night piece that was a collection of thoughts as he played his last game at Sanford Stadium.  I didn’t anticipate that he would be playing his last game as a Bulldog just a few hours later.

From a fan’s perspective, Murray is the type of player that makes you feel wildly insignificant and yet thoroughly involved.  I’m simultaneously embarrassed by how emotionally invested I’ve been in Murray’s career while also proud to have been a part of it.  The extent to which I’ve cheered, hoped and wanted the best for a guy who is three years younger than me and is playing a game is slightly pathetic.  But at the same time, I plan on bragging about “being there” for decades.

I’m completely comfortable with that contradiction.  But I’m still coming to grips with the end of this era.

My tribute to Murray can be found here, but hopefully the above paragraphs explain the context for what I wrote and the content I chose to focus on.

Aaron Murray warms up prior to his final collegiate game.

Aaron Murray warms up prior to his final collegiate game.


Here’s to hoping for and praying for a speedy, full recovery.  I can’t wait to see what’s next – on and off the field – for Aaron Murray.  And yes, I realize that sounds cliche.


That’s all I got/





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  1. Great article …. sums a terrific career in grand fashion.

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