Knee Jerk Reactions: Auburn Edition

Well. That was far and away the biggest stomach punch game of my 28 years. My brain still hasn’t effectively processed what happened Saturday, but I will do my damnedest to get through this with the most emotional detachment I can muster. I can’t promise it will work, but I can promise I will try. All that said, I want to tip my cap to the Dawg Nation; these last few days reminded me of the good things that being a fan can bring as I have not heard the cries of lost season, but extolling of the greatness of those who stayed. Aaron Murray, a constant fixture in “The Good” section of this blog, got a great hat tip from the folks over at Dawg Sports, and if you find yourself lacking some perspective, head over there and give a read. It still hurts, but somewhat less now.

The Good:

– If aliens have been reading sportswriting over the years, but not seen games, and landed in my backyard concrete slab that is home to my grill, and asked me what putting a team on your back meant, you know what I would do? First, I would calmly explain colloquial language to them, and then I would run back the tape of the fourth quarter orchestrated by Aaron Murray. From the dart to Woot, to the improbable, impossible, will of the gods fourth down run, THAT is what a quarterback does. That is what a winner does. Damn good.

– Todd Gurley is hurt. He’s been banged up all year, but still does things like plant one Auburn defender through the other as he did on one of those aforementioned fourth quarter miracle drives. I propose that Hurt Todd Gurley still might be the best college running back on the planet, and I’m glad to get to watch him. Please note that Hurt Todd Gurley still amassed 156 yards on 25 touches. Todd Gurley might be an alien.

– This. All of this.

– Fourth quarter fight out of all phases of the game. Down 20 with 12 minutes to play, this team had not one OUNCE of quit in them and bit, clawed and dragged themselves not only back into the game, but into the EFFING lead in front of the stunned and unwashed masses of Jordan-Hare. Things obviously took  a turn for the worse, but I don’t think I’ve been prouder of a squad that I wasn’t personally on.

The Bad:

– I know we missed the Auburn podcast last week, but sometimes real life gets in the way. I can however point you to the podcasts previewing Clemson and South Carolina, and Mizzou and my well documented feelings about this defense and read-option offenses. OH AND IF YOU ARE IN MID-NOVEMBER, AND YOUR DEFENSE STILL CAN’T SCHEME TO STOP POWER, THAT’S NOT A GOOD THING, THAT’S A BAD THING. Ahem. For a defense that has shown the ability to take away the run (LSU game), they did a piss poor job against the multiple looks Auburn gave them, and now I’m worried about Tech and no one likes that.

– Pass rush (non-fourth quarter edition) was mostly non-existent, as obvious passing downs where you would think Georgia had an advantage, BUT NO. A lack of pressure and cushions that would let me get first downs led to a helluva passing day for the Tigers…and that’s before we get to the ugly. Speaking of…

The Ugly:

– WARNING: The following video is not safe for life, death, children, pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, smokers, non smokers, sitting at your desk and not wanting to cut yourself, and other potentially affected groups. For those of you into disaster porn, join me.

I’m still like:

But life, she goes on. And next week, she goes on through Senior Day as we send off those who have been giants of the gridiron the past few years in Athens. Go Dawgs.

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